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Re: Encrypted File Sharing: P2P Fights Back
Posted by: Jack Germain 2004-05-27 07:50:17
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Is it possible to end the investigations and prosecutions that the RIAA, the music download police and similar entities use to prosecute users of file-sharing networks? The answer depends, say online security experts, on which next-generation technology proves to be more successful. So far, enforcement investigators hold the upper hand. "Everybody now knows you can't download stuff for free," said Mark Ishikawa, CEO and founder of BayTSP, a leading security firm for the record industry.

Re: Encrypted File Sharing: P2P Fights Back
Posted by: Baldmeistr 2004-05-29 08:26:41 In reply to: Jack Germain
The link in the article is broken: it links to, rather than (A rather understandable error; I read the whole article thinking it was a piece of software that was devoted to a large Italian man.) If you want to check the software out (8 day free trial before paying seventeen bucks for it), just type into your browser.

Re: Encrypted File Sharing: P2P Fights Back
Posted by: obwez 2004-12-01 17:08:37 In reply to: Baldmeistr
"Encryption might be used between nodes in the delivery process, but public keys are available to investigators. So that's no solution for file swappers," said Ishikawa of BayTSP."
Incorrect. Just having the public key wont help. As demonstrated with WASTE, un-authorized users aka "BayTSP Employees" can't even connect to the network without exchanging keys with the servers admin.. I.E the admins takes the BayTSP key and the BayTSP takes the WASTE key. This bonding proccess is very unlikey to ever happen within the real underground WASTE P2P.
"Experts say it is quite common for investigators to trap encrypted files from peer-to-peer networks and determine the content."
Incorrect again. WASTE uses over 5 megs of encryption or some 5000 bits. It is slow at file tranfers correct, but I can assure you no BayTSB can defeat this PGP style encryption.

Encrypted File Sharing: Freenet
Posted by: flet 2004-05-27 07:55:34 In reply to: Jack Germain
The article did not mention the Freenet initiative. Freenet ( is "free software which lets you publish and obtain information on the Internet without fear of censorship".
It comes with file-sharing tools, like Frost, that perserve anonymity of the individuals and secrecy of the content.
Freenet is a noble initiative against censorship and terror campaigns from lobbies like RIAA.
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