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Re: Google's Pixel Wins a Place in the Sun
Posted by: John P. Mello Jr. 2016-11-09 04:09:51
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Google's Pixel smartphone, which made its debut last month, has gathered some high praise from reviewers. "The Google Pixel is now the best Android smartphone you can buy," wrote Joanna Stern.
"The other leading contender was disqualified due to spontaneous combustion," she added, referring to Samsung's doomed Galaxy Note7, which was recalled for safety reasons. Stern was impressed with Pixel's display; its high pixel count made the blacks in photos appear deeper, colors more vibrant, and everything sharper.

Re: Google's Pixel Wins a Place in the Sun
Posted by: jescott418 2016-11-09 04:17:39 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
Whenever you get around $700 for a smartphone. I think you have to have something that will hold up for years not months. If you want to know why other tech sales are slowing. Just look at how much people are spending upgrading their smartphone every two years or more. Does anyone else think spending that kind of money that often is a good investment? If I paid $700 for a appliance I would expect way more than two years before its obsolete. I think it's why we have seen a slowing of iPhone sales too, are people upgrading as frequently these days? Or has the factor of less disposable income caused people to keep devices longer and replace with cheaper models. I don't know that I would spend that much on a smartphone again.
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