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Re: This Election May Be Scarier Than You Think
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2016-10-17 11:26:44
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Not that it isn't scary enough -- but if you look at both candidates, who have had their images destroyed largely by technology, i.e., tapes and emails -- there is a huge warning inherent in the process. Email really wasn't a big thing until the late 1990s and even having your own email server wouldn't have been likely before 2005, let alone thinking through the security aspects. The Trump tape, which wasn't indexed based on the off-air segment, would have been nearly impossible to find before it was digitized and indexed.

Re: This Election May Be Scarier Than You Think
Posted by: jescott418 2016-10-17 13:58:35 In reply to: Rob Enderle
Technology can be useful and it can provide a over emphasis of noise we don't need. Hillary Clinton basically was clueless on using technology for communications and instructed a even more clueless staff to come up with a really bad ideal a personal server. On top of that it most likely was hacked and what we know for sure is that classified documents were not properly handled. Is this a strike against someone being President? Well you certainly want someone who knows how to judge ease of convenience vs security.
Then you have Donald Trump a man with a true conviction of fixing America his way, and yet his ability to censor himself when it counts is pretty bad. Yet is this a reason to say he is not fit for President. JFK was quite the womanizer, we all know the history. Trump has no history of public office to base experience on so media focus on his personal and business life. It's fair game, but also means he won't be perfect and people must judge what is acceptable and what is not. Too me Hillary jeopardized the country while Trump was being a womanizing A hole. The question for the voter, who is least likely to negatively affect the country? Because, frankly neither make my list of people for any government position at all. In the end we don't get any worse people than we ever did. It's just that technology have given us much more data to decipher and judge. Before Twitter, Facebook, and all that video and audio archives we had just what the candidates said in speeches and in ads. Now of course almost every thought is out there and in many ways its making things more difficult.
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