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Re: Home Alone? Now Nest Can Tell
Posted by: Peter Suciu 2016-03-14 06:56:55
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Nest on Thursday announced two new features, Family Accounts and Home/Away Assist. Family Accounts would let up to 10 people access the Nest products in a connected home from their Android or iOS devices. That means an end to sharing logins and passwords, the company said. Users can be added or removed seamlessly from the Family Account. Home/Away Assist was designed to track the patterns of household members, utilizing learning algorithms and activity sensors that are built into products such as the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Re: Home Alone? Now Nest Can Tell
Posted by: jescott418 2016-03-14 07:13:22 In reply to: Peter Suciu
Never been a fan of Nest or any other expensive tool to supposedly save money on your climate system. This just sounds like a product built for a tech junkie who thinks everything can be done better by a device. Its another crutch for a society bent on leaving a human task up to a computer so they don't have to think about it. The thing is about climate systems is people generally like what they like in temperatures when they are home. Nobody wants to be cold or hot and will set their thermostat according to this. Its not a complicated thing to adjust a basic thermostat and most savings will not occur by buying a expensive thermostat. But by having a well insulated home, and a efficient HVAC system. One has to wonder how long the pay back is with a Nest or other expensive programable thermostat?
If I am willing to accept a colder temp in the Winter and warmer temps in the Summer a $20 basic T-Stat could save me plenty of dollars too, If I'm willing to endure being less comfortable. At the price of a Nest its not going to ever attract those who really could benefit from the savings. Those who buy a Nest probably have no problem paying their bills. As I said at first, this is more about satisfying some tech junkies dream of sitting at a restaurant and saying "Oh I forgot to turn down the heat" "No problem, I'll just use my Nest app and do it now". Now the question is, did this person just play dumb to justify using the app? Or are we simply becoming more mindless because of technology?
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