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Re: Your Facebook Friends Are Really Not That Into You
Posted by: David Jones 2016-01-29 11:19:09
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Most of your friends on Facebook may not care much about you at all, suggests an Oxford University study published last week. Friendships involving interactions over social networks are not that different from traditional real-world friendships, found Robin Dunbar, the professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford who conducted the research. In other words, people in your social network are no more your friends online than they would be in real life.

Re: Your Facebook Friends Are Really Not That Into You
Posted by: jescott418 2016-02-01 04:56:36 In reply to: David Jones
I dropped Facebook a couple years ago. I decided then that social sites like this are nothing more then dribble and time wasters. My wife a teacher actually benefits somewhat from Facebook because she can connect with other teachers and she has a big family which also helps keep in touch with what's happening. But from my experience most people assume too much in how interested people are in your daily lives. I think it's more a rant page or brag site then anything else. It has also become a site for employer's to get a ideal of the character of a person. As someone said, its plenty legal to stalk someone online.
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