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Re: NSA's Eyes Trained Less on Terrorists Than on Average Joes and Janes
Posted by: Richard Adhikari 2014-07-07 20:36:58
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Nine out of 10 people whose information is being collected by the NSA are Americans who have nothing to do with people targeted by the agency. Data provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden includes some information pertaining to terrorist activities and possible threats to U.S. national security, as well as a few successes in antiterrorist work. However, many files retained by the agency contain intimate personal details of innocent peoples' lives. "They should probably delete the whole damned lot," said tech analyst Rob Enderle.

Any doubt that fascism permeates the American fabric and it's "way of life" is clearly been erased for any thinking person save the brown shirt jackboot pawns, their corporate masters and of course the 1% overlords that profit from the unspoken genocide of the ordinary working person.
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Would you license your personal data to advertising platforms if you were paid directly for it?
Yes -- So much of my personal data is already in the hands of advertisers anyhow; I may as well be paid for it.
Possibly -- It depends how much I would be compensated and how the data I authorize to share would be used and protected.
No -- I would not sell my personal data at any price.