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Re: All Things Appy: Top 5 Chrome Finance Apps
Posted by: Patrick Nelson 2013-04-17 22:17:54
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It's mid-April, and spring is in the air -- that time of year when a young man's or young lady's thoughts turn to money. Conveniently for us all, the Web browser is a fine place to organize finances, whether you want to get the process over with as fast as possible, or enjoy it in king-is-in-the-counting-house mode. Google's Chrome Web browser is resplendent with numerous add-ons fit for the purpose. Here's a look at the top five must-have apps or add-ons in the finance category.

Re: All Things Appy: Top 5 Chrome Finance Apps
Posted by: dzDevelopments 2016-01-29 02:41:35 In reply to: Patrick Nelson
Hi Patrick, I recently build out a chrome extension to inline stock quotes into webpages you're on would love if you took a look to see if its worth adding to the list.

If not or you feel contacting you like this is spamming feel free to delete my comment. Just trying to reach out / build awareness!


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