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Microsoft has made available a consumer preview version of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system that you can try out. The OS caught my eye because the tile-like user interface appears radically different than the boring old re-iterations of Windows 3.1 -- with minor tweaks that irritatingly require getting used to after every upgrade. This looks like it's worth it. It incorporates a touch interface and striking colors, and it will be equally at home on tablets as on PCs. The app concept is included, as is immersive Web without grubby screen borders.

You have got to be joking
Posted by: sambob 2012-03-16 08:45:07 In reply to: Patrick Nelson
I found the Interface annoying and clumsy, more appropriate for a tablet with a touch screen not a desktop or laptop.
Hopefully the final shipped version will be nothing like like the preview at least for the desktop....no start button..really(sigh).
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