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Re: Apple Forgets Steve Jobs and Announces a Non-Magical iPad
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2012-03-12 08:29:20
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Over the years, I've watched company after company lose its invaluable edge because executives critical to its success moved on, or died, and didn't pass on critical skills. Only IBM really made a massive effort not to screw this up, and even it eventually forgot, forcing a massive reset -- which almost caused it to fail -- in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Sony Walkman, PlayStation, Trinitron; Palm PDA; RIM BlackBerry; Microsoft Windows 95; Intel Inside; Cisco Flip Camera; and now it looks like I'll be adding the iPad to this list in a few years.

I give Apple 5 years
Posted by: hairyfeet 2012-03-28 23:13:34 In reply to: Rob Enderle
As that was about how long Sculley was able to coast off of what jobs built before they ran out of steam. updating a product that was a hit? Big deal. Show me that Cook can make a NEW market for their products like Jobs did with iPod, iPhone, iPad and THEN I'll be impressed.

Oh and in case someone thinks this is just Apple bashing I personally believe Win 8 will be on his "Giant fail" list next year, in fact I think it'll make those MS Bob and WinME jokes finally disappear. i believe in the future they will say "Is it another Win 8?" because that will be the benchmark of fail that others can only hope not to emulate.

But whether the fanboys like it or not Apple was ALWAYS "The house that Jobs built" and the fact that he didn't hand groom a successor after his first health scare to me was showing that his ego simply couldn't stand the thought of Apple being anything but his. Now that he is gone and his incredible showmanship and sales skills are gone with him I'll be VERY surprised if we don't see the Sculley rein all over again, with Apple coasting on the trinity of iPod, iPhone, and iPad, simply because they don't have anyone that can sniff out new markets like Jobs. Like him or hate him give the man his due, the man had his eye on the consumer market and could smell opportunities like a shark sensing blood in the water.

Apple-basher Rob needs to read the Jobs bio
Posted by: carloscar 2012-03-12 12:55:24 In reply to: Rob Enderle
If he wants to continue to make the same intellectual mistakes that Bill Gates has, year in and year out. It's all in the book Rob, memorize it!

Oh, and then get some therapy to find out why he hates people (and companies, they're not people) that are more successful than him. You wonder how he got so high by being so stupid? One plus, he didn't give us his opinion on politics...this time! Less than worthless.

Same old, same old
Posted by: ViewRoyal 2012-03-12 08:44:31 In reply to: Rob Enderle
Rob Enderle thought the first generation iPad was a flop, so why should his same opinion of the third generation iPad be any different... or any less wrong?

If you ever want to learn about reality, just ask Rob Enderle for his opinion... "Reality" will be the exact opposite. ;-)
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