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Re: How to Improve Your Video-Streaming Clarity
Posted by: Patrick Nelson 2011-10-20 08:15:43
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The stuttering and freezing that can occur when you're streaming video are indicative of issues related to bandwidth. Commercial hosted solutions like Netflix and Hulu can suffer from degraded performance. Rather than simply calling your ISP and requesting a faster, more expensive pipe, there are some steps you can take first to optimize your existing environment for video streaming. First, turn off your modem, router, computer and add-ons, wait a minute, and then turn them all back on starting with the modem, then the router and then the other gear.

Sprint capped...
Posted by: chrikett 2011-10-20 08:30:07 In reply to: Patrick Nelson
...the mobile broadband cards at 5g this month..thats what, 2 movies on netflix? Cross them off your list.
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