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Re: Amazon Kindles Enthusiasm of Library Crowd
Posted by: Rob Spiegel 2011-04-20 12:53:17
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Young Kindle is getting a library card -- at 11,000 libraries. Amazon announced Kindle Library Lending on Wednesday. The new feature, which launches later this year, will let Kindle customers borrow Kindle books from more than 11,000 libraries in the United States. Kindle Library Lending will work on all generations of Kindle devices and Kindle reading apps. Amazon is enlisting the help of OverDrive to bring the digital content to libraries. Amazon's Whispersync technology will save notations in borrowed books to be accessed later if they're checked out again or purchased.

I was right
Posted by: Gigadee 2011-04-20 12:56:02 In reply to: Rob Spiegel
My mother-in law insisted my wife wouldn't like the Kindle. I bought it for her anyway and she cannot put it down, let alone leave the house without it. Mothers don't always know whats best for their children
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