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Re: Hurt by the Algorithm Change? Do the Google Rain Dance
Posted by: Jesse Herman 2011-03-09 06:37:31
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If you are a victim of the latest Google algorithm change and experienced an 85 percent traffic drop like the disgruntled fellow penning this article, you may be feeling the heat right now.
It's easy to blame others and point out competitors who are "getting away with worse," but what all of those wounded really need to do is look into the the mirror and figure out how to get better. Here is a quick guide on how to right the ship if you've keeled over -- or, if you're just starting your website, how to avoid disaster to begin with.

Wordpress Sites Getting Hit
Posted by: fergseo 2011-03-09 06:44:13 In reply to: Jesse Herman
I have a couple of websites that are setup on the Wordpress platform. ALL of them got hit by the algo change approximately 50-60 spots from where they were. Most of them were on the first page for major terms and are now on the 5th or 6th page. Have you heard anything about Wordpress sites not being "favorable".
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