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Re: Motorola Xoom Designed for Heavy Meddling
Posted by: Richard Adhikari 2011-02-28 22:50:27
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Unlike its arch-rival, the Apple iPad, the Motorola Xoom tablet is easy to open up for repairs and upgrades. "It appears Motorola built the Xoom to be upgraded, so they have this parting line about an inch from the top on the back that lets you separate the device into two pieces," Miroslav Djuric, who tore down the Xoom for iFixit, told TechNewsWorld. "A large portion of the back cover that slides down just enough to expose the PCIE slot and that lets you swop out PCIE cards and upgrade the device from 3G to 4G LTE," Djuric added.

]Motorola Xoom
Posted by: Motorolaxoom 2011-02-28 22:59:20 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
Motorola's new tablet has finally been declared after several weeks of leaks and rumours about the brand new gadget - and while many of us don't understand the idea behind the brand, the Motorola Xoom is among the most powerful iPad challengers around.

Using a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor along with two 1GHz chips, it's an excellent little grunt-nugget, and the 1280800 resolution screen is a great size at 10.1 inches, making it completely an iPad competitor.
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