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Re: Why I Still Don't Have a Facebook Page
Posted by: Sidney Hill 2010-11-10 11:27:20
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Because I've spent most of my working life writing about technology, people expect me to be among the first to adopt every new device and application that hits the market. It's because I follow tech trends closely that I'm seldom an early adopter. I know, for instance, that the first generation of any tech product is likely to be followed very soon by a new version with more features, fewer flaws and a lower price tag. Most people understand my views on adopting new technology. Still, I get puzzled looks when I tell someone that I'm not one of the 500-million-plus members of Facebook.

seems you don't care about your family
Posted by: syle 2010-11-10 16:11:45 In reply to: Sidney Hill
I was once like you, but even to a worse extent since my background also always me to create a facebook website from my programming background, I deemed it inappropriate.

Once I joined I was like wow , I missed years of things my family was saying about me. Its ok not to be an early adopter, but when its been adopted by nearly everyone, your not doing yourself any favors! Then you'll be the one giving others puzzled looks after.

My reasons are . . .
Posted by: farmerbob 2010-11-10 15:39:10 In reply to: Sidney Hill
Five minutes after I set up my first account I got a DOS attack that was traced to Facebook. Then when they said they got it fixed, my second account was "terminated" for using an "alias", which I have seen a good 80% of the people on FB do, WHEN it was my actual name. I had a friend that got a new eMail address and changed it in her account. They closed her account for suspected tampering. All she did was change her eMail address. It took two months of us yelling, eMail after eMail and jumping through their inoperable hoops to finally get what their automated system should have done to do and get her back up and running. Like all these situations, it's cake to sign up, but to fix problems or cancel it's like trying to gain your freedom from a third world dictatorship.

I have a full and wonderful life with many friends and associates. I don't need a fake cyber-social network to feel like a real accomplished human being.
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