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Re: For Apple, a Week of Hot Air and Market Share
Posted by: Paul Hartsock 2010-10-23 07:48:37
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Apple held its big Back to the Mac event this week, showing previews of software and hardware to come. On the hardware side, it has a new, aluminum body MacBook Air. Weighs less than three pounds and boasts up to 30 hours of standby time, five to seven hours of actual use. It comes in two sizes: 13.3 inches and 11.6, which teeters right on the brink of netbook territory, a category of computers CEO Steve Jobs dumped on just a few months ago. Both of these new models also lose traditional spinning hard drives; they use solid-state flash memory for instant-on capability.

Finally time for Mac!
Posted by: navidndc1078117 2010-10-28 18:15:20 In reply to: Paul Hartsock
It's been a long time since Apple put in some effort in making MAC, their initial priority product appear in the market. It's been iPhone,iPad, new range of iPod's for a while. Thence,it's nice to experience some change.
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