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Re: 3 Ways Any VoIP Project Can Go Straight Down the Tubes
Posted by: Jay Botelho 2010-10-21 06:01:35
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Over the past several years, as enterprises have been deploying voice over IP with more frequency, many have learned that the first step in the VoIP lifecycle process should be a complete assessment of network readiness. This is just one of the common stumbling blocks that organizations will want to avoid in setting up a VoIP system. Three major areas that should be addressed in any VoIP project include pre-deployment assessment, deployment and maintenance.

Consider availability risks
Posted by: Greg_Myers 2010-10-22 10:18:08 In reply to: Jay Botelho
Our experience in working with IT and network managers is that they generally donít consider availability risks from insufficient power protection or even risks from rising temperatures in certain environments. Many VoIP buildouts occur in remote network closets and, being away from the data center, those environments simply donít get the due diligence they deserve. Industry analysts such as Gartner have described the need for analyzing of power protection up front during VoIP projects. Generally speaking, whenever you are adding equipment, especially some of the larger integrated routers and switches, you should analyze your power protection and build in power redundancy.
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