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Re: Mac Lion: The King of the OS X Jungle?
Posted by: Paul Hartsock 2010-10-16 10:44:02
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Apple has this way of making its more devoted fans feel as though the company is giving them some sort of gift whenever it rolls out a new product. It plans a party, makes special invitations, and trots out the new inventions like it's paying tribute to a visiting dignitary. Nobody's giving anyone anything, of course; it's total salesmanship. Not a bad way to go about it, though. Its next big show on Oct. 20 will apparently center on OS X and the Mac. Judging from the image on the invite, it looks like the next iteration of the Mac operating system will go by the code name "Lion."

# of auto deaths
Posted by: danvdr 2010-10-16 13:43:11 In reply to: Paul Hartsock
Your article states "That's why over a million people die on the roads every year."
The actual U.S. number is about 45,000.

RE: # of auto deaths
Posted by: hartsock 2010-10-18 08:28:22 In reply to: danvdr
I was referring to worldwide statistics:

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