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Re: Stirrings of Life in a Bleak IT Employment Desert
Posted by: Jack Cullen 2010-10-11 17:55:38
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When the pulse of the global economy slowed -- or, as some would have it, virtually flat lined -- in 2009, IT felt it. Even though IT serves as the heart of global business, the indispensable systems without which companies simply wouldn't work, layoffs and cutbacks still wracked the industry. More than a few IT professionals found themselves questioning their career choice in a workforce not that far removed from the tough times that followed the burst tech bubble earlier in the decade -- a past all too present for many.

Global IT Dept moving to Bangalore India
Posted by: Bellonice 2010-10-18 11:34:14 In reply to: Jack Cullen
Commenting on the IT article. The economy is stagnant and IT is moving to 3rd world countries. The question is not skills, but on how cheap can you hire for. In India IT employees work 12 hour days, forgotten days about hiring Americans. Here in America your either over or under qualified.
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What is the greatest challenge to organizations implementing Artificial Intelligence?
A shortage of talent with the skills to utilize AI to its full potential.
AI can be expensive and the return on investment is questionable to decision makers.
AI is an unfamiliar and complex technology that is not yet fully trusted.
AI has its own set of cybersecurity concerns which require additional resources.
Dependability of AI technology is still in doubt.
Many view AI as an unnecessary luxury.