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As I'm writing this, Microsoft is reporting a solid quarter with sales (or use) exceeding expectations significantly on four keystone products. While Steve Ballmer is clearly not performing at Steve Jobs' incredible levels, Microsoft continues to generate cash at a rate that most companies, states and countries don't seem able to approach. Yet he is also the CEO who is highest on the "soon to be ex-CEO" list. Underlying this is a recent study that found we, as a species, will avoid the truth if it conflicts with our beliefs. This not only helps Steve Jobs and hurts Steve Ballmer, but it could kill us.

BP claims
Posted by: simpson2011 2011-11-12 23:11:39 In reply to: Rob Enderle
People upset with the bp claims process marched on D.C. Monday as they showed their discontent towards Ken Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The protestors were organized by former comedian/actor turned activist Dick Gregory and Art Rocker chairman of Operation People for Peace. Visit http://bpclaims.org

Reality Check
Posted by: drpalmer 2010-07-27 11:57:09 In reply to: Rob Enderle
I having a hard time classifying your article from either an editorial piece or a raving rant. The latter half of your piece sounds like something from Chicken Little (the sky is falling).

I'm sure that Ballmer appreciates you buying a M$ system run Sony computer. But, to be inline with what you are saying, I would be very cautious with the Sony computer. They have been known to overheat and could cause a fire which could destroy your house, most of the neighborhood and county. The smoke from this fire could also travel to surrounding states and cause havoc with the emitted PVC fumes from the burning case of the notebook.

In fact, today I'm going out and buy a good gas mask to be ready for when this happens. That is if the Collider doesn't end the world.

The "Reality Distortion Field" in action . . .
Posted by: farmerbob 2010-07-26 09:46:24 In reply to: Rob Enderle
I was set to give you a "Grand Slam" on the beginning of this article, but you lost it at the Obama analogy. They did not "ignore" the facts. They did not have the time to address them properly, much less ignore them. In today's instant media cycles, such as your column, when a story hits, or is mucked off the ground, and thrust in the publics face without that regard for the truth as Fox did, then the next day pretended that they knew nothing of it, better yet the originator of the carefully assembled "pertinent clips", it left no real time for those that are at the whim of the "instant media" to take a breath much less the proper amount of time that they should have to effectively investigate. Conversely "the woman", Shirley Sherrod, her factual name, when asked to pull over and tender her resignation, if she knew she was in the right, should have stood her ground and told them that once they look at it "in context" it will show that this action is wrong. Which when they did take the time, they found that she was wronged. But she was also caught in the "fast fire" of a disgusting ignorance of the truth. And the fact that she did not stand her ground, was probably due to the swift severity that hit her also. This has nothing to do with the "Reality Distortion Field" and why you went there only Fox will know.

Sir, stick to the world of electronics and leave "ignoring the facts" to those that have made themselves a reputation at it. Unless your looking for a new day job?

I think the beginning of your article is spot on and well expressed.
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