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Re: Will the iPad Thrive in Apple's Closed Ecosystem?
Posted by: Renay San Miguel 2010-03-31 10:36:04
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IUGO Mobile has used Apple's iPhone to dial up a measure of success with its smartphone-based games. The development company was the first gaming outlet to get its own featured section on the iTunes for PC Store. IUGO's games are used for demo purposes in Apple Stores, and "Toy Bot Diaries" was part of the montage of games used in the first iPod touch gaming-centric TV commercial. When the ad came out, however, it wasn't Apple that let IUGO Director of Business Development Sarah Thomson know that the game would soon be seen on TVs across North America.

I'm puzzled!
Posted by: billtwyman 2010-03-31 15:37:58 In reply to: Renay San Miguel
I'm wondering who will ever be able to make a device that satisfies the open source enthusiasts. They seem to want a device which is all things to all people and uses every possible kind of software. Where shall we find this mythical beast?

Most of the technologies we use are fairly closed systems - it's what makes them work predictably and reliably. If I buy a Ford I don't expect to be able to put a Toyota engine in it.

Apple make things that work a certain way. If that suits you, all is well. If not, just buy something else that does.

Apple Products Fenced But Open ...
Posted by: jbelkin 2010-03-31 12:30:21 In reply to: Renay San Miguel
For some reason, people think Apple products are closed but they are a national park, fenced so what's inside can be made easier for the average person to enjoy but short of starting a forest fire or hunting bears, you are free to hitchhike in with just a bedroll or drive in in a 80' RV and do as you please. AS YOU point out in the article, only Apple would allow you to continue to use the Kindle app, the Stanza app or 10 other book reading apps - how is that closed? Yes, you cannot randomly install apps from anywhere but I think 99% of the average user would consider that a good thing just like i woudl like a forest ranger in the park versus no police element. The bottom line is what are you really missing out that you need a jailbroken phone? Most people prefer things like toilets and roads in their national parks - I'm sure 1% prefer the complete wilderness but then you have a choice, right? Just like people complained when the itunes store had DRM - you would use an an ipod with ZERo tracks from the itunes store - the only requirement was you had to use itunes to sync which was FREE and updated 6-9 times a year ... how exactly is that a tragedy? How exactly is the Google OS "free" of constraints? Not only do DIFFERENT telcos use a different OS but you are locked to their store and that OS version. Plus with only 500 MB for apps, isn't that less control than being to load up to 32 GB of apps?

Comparing AOL to the internet to the Apple OS itself is a ludicrous comparison - that's like comparing public transit to a private car - if you don't think we can tell the obvious, maybe you can't? Yes, the iphone is not a hobbyist kit car phone like the Google phones but most people would consider that a good because like a car, I start it and THEN THE REST OF THE JOURNEY IS MINE like the Apple iPhone.
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