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Re: The Early Stats on IE9
Posted by: Scott M. Fulton, III 2010-03-22 09:59:31
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In the first series of comprehensive performance tests comparing Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 technical preview, released last week, to stable Web browsers in current use today, Betanews confirmed superb speed gains by the IE9 chassis in specific categories. Not everything in the new IE9 was faster than IE8, but in the computational department, the development team's Chakra JavaScript engine shows much-needed gains. In anticipation of IE9, Betanews has been developing a radically improved set of performance tests to complement those we've used in recent months.

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Posted by: pdmfs 2010-03-22 10:07:13 In reply to: Scott M. Fulton, III
I'm sorry, but your entire story sounds like it's trying very hard to find some relevance for IE on the Web. Why? You might call it comparing a lawnmower to a bulldozer, but I call it apples to oranges. If you're testing a stripped down version of an engine to anything else (even previous versions of that same browser) you're not even close to comparing apples to apples.

Just admit it that M$ might not have a horse in this race. That maybe, just maybe, they might not be able to bluff their way out of this one.

Their products are way behind on the Web. I still don't believe they're willing to give up on Silverlight by going to full HTML 5 and, even if they were, someone in the company will kill it.

They cannot compete with Google, Apple or Mozilla in this race. They've lost already. And, once people realize that they don't have to use IE (in any flavor) they will have good and truly lost.
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