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Re: FCC Testing Tool May Out ISPs' Bogus Speed Claims
Posted by: Richard Adhikari 2010-03-12 12:53:32
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The FCC unveiled a set of digital tools for consumers Friday to figure out the state of national broadband service in the United States. One tool, the Consumer Broadband Test, measures broadband service speed and latency and is available in online fixed and mobile app versions. The other is the Broadband Dead Zone Report. "The FCC's new digital tools will arm users with real-time information about their broadband connection and the agency with useful data about service across the country," FCC chairman Julius Genachowski said.

Same tool as my ISP, but . . .
Posted by: farmerbob 2010-03-15 12:33:07 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
. . . no real time issue reporting. The good part is that since they are using an Ookla, "the best", test and so is my ISP, my ISP can not, in all reality, dispute the numbers. But with it should be a way to qualify the numbers. Such as, in my case, I'm paying for 7Mbps and only getting 4.5Mbps at 3300 feet from the CO. They have admitted to damaged lines, that I got 10Mbps SDSL out of at one time, and will not fix them. And since Qwest, my complete provider, won't fix the problem, that's when the Feds really need to step in. And what better excuse than this mechanism. This needs to be not only "do you not have broadband", but "are you getting the broadband that you were promised/sold/solicited?"
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