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Re: Australia Aims to Wall Off Unwanted Web Content
Posted by: Rohan Sullivan 2009-12-15 12:05:45
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Australia plans to introduce an Internet filtering system to block obscene and crime-linked Web sites despite concerns it will curtail freedoms and won't completely work. Adopting a mandatory screening system would make Australia one of the strictest Internet regulators among the world's democracies. Authoritarian regimes commonly impose controls. China drew international criticism earlier this year with plans to install filtering software on all PCs sold in the country.

Censorship vs. freedom, control vs. entropy
Posted by: bpmmx 2009-12-15 12:27:53 In reply to: Rohan Sullivan
If content becomes censored (illegal) it will find its ways to the "market", black market that is, as the providers of censored content will be drawn by the increased mark-up profits that usually happens after a products becomes out-lawed (or censored).

Blanket censoring also misses the point as to who is supposed to "protect" our young and inexperienced (providing that censorship is doing just that): the government - be cause it's expected from the umbrella body that collects taxes already, or the family - the nucleus of the society, with the direct impact of caring, up bringing, and controlling their own..?

Granted that this article might step on freedom-protectors' toes, but censorship is a way of control, and control is necessary in an organized society, lest it's falling into entropy or chaos...
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