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Re: When a Picture Is Worth 1,000 Complaints
Posted by: Renay San Miguel 2009-11-25 13:59:55
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A manipulated image of Michelle Obama that drew headlines and controversy when it became the first result users saw when performing a Google Image search for the First Lady was pulled down Wednesday -- but not by Google. While the picture may have disappeared, questions about Google's response to so-called Googlebombs remain for the company. The image, which was originally displayed on a blog, was doctored to make Obama's face appear ape-like, drawing massive criticism and demands that Google cease displaying it in its Image Search engine.

For the sake of Mistake
Posted by: azharkadri 2009-12-06 22:34:51 In reply to: Renay San Miguel
Completely agree with the statement of Mr. Krishnan
dont sell for the sake of selling.

Sell for the sake of completing the needs of customer

Mohammed Azharuddin
Bista solution
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