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Re: Your Web App, Their Experience: Load Testing 2.0
Posted by: Imad Mouline 2009-07-08 17:49:45
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Imagine that it's "show time" for your company's annual peak period of e-commerce traffic. If you've ever been an e-commerce manager for a toy company on Black Friday, a floral company the day before Mother's Day, or a sporting events ticketing company a month before the Super Bowl, then you can surely relate. Your online customer service representatives are trained and primed to help your customers. Your warehouse shelves are stocked, and your logistics providers are all lined up at the door.

Load Testing 2.0 Needs APM 2.0
Posted by: toffer_winslow 2009-07-08 18:19:04 In reply to: Imad Mouline
Load Testing 2.0 makes a lot of sense as an approach to deal the realities of the way applications are constructed today, but it still suffers from the Achilles heel of Load Testing 1.0 – namely, the ability to rapidly find and fix the root cause of application performance problems that surface under load.

Load Testing 2.0 needs Application Performance Management (APM) 2.0 – a new approach to improving application performance that monitors every transaction through every step across the application tier to determine what the underlying causes of poor performance truly are. Only when performance testing teams are armed with the root cause diagnostic information their counterparts in development need to fix performance issues quickly will Load Testing 2.0 achieve its full potential.

If you’re interested in more on APM 2.0, check http://www.dynatrace.com/en/apm-for-load-testing.aspx for more on what it means to performance testing teams. There’s also a Webinar where Novell’s performance testing team talks about how they have increased the productivity of their organization by more than 200% by implementing APM 2.0 from dynaTrace (http://www.dynatrace.com/webcasts/novell-webinar.aspx).

Toffer Winslow @ dynaTrace :: www.dynatrace.com
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