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Re: The Crunchpad Cometh
Posted by: Richard Adhikari 2009-07-06 15:52:02
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A prototype of a mobile Internet device dubbed the "Crunchpad" will reportedly make its public debut later this month. The Crunchpad is a low-cost touchscreen tablet designed for Web surfing, video chat and email use. The main name behind the Crunchpad is Michael Arrington, who told the San Francisco Business Times that he's incorporated a company in Singapore, Crunchpad Inc., in order to manufacture the devices. Arrington is perhaps best known for his TechCrunch blog network.

Laura Didio
Posted by: carpediem 2009-07-06 16:08:45 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
Laura Didio? Seriously? You had an article related to a product using Linux, and you went with Laura Didio? That really kills the credibility of your article with the tech crowd (your likely readers for this article) who largely know who she is.

But let's review her contribution anyway. "if he wants to run Linux, he has to ink a deal with major Linux dealers". Really? Hmm, let's see, Redhat's desktop distribution, Fedora, is free. Moblin is free. Ubuntu is free. So is every other distribution I know of, save two: Xandros which is far from slick and polished like Crunchpad needs, and Novell which is a business oriented desktop.

"But even then, he will still have to get someone to provide service and support." Really? Can't the Crunchpad company do it itself? If he is locking Crunchpad down to only surf the internet, with a select few application, and Crunchpad makes that dead simple, support may be rarely needed, and thus much less frequent per customer. Further, Crunchpad is likely to appeal to a technically savvy market, further reducing the amount of tech support that will likely be needed.

Laura Didio has no inside knowledge, and makes broad assumptions about the impending failure of this product before many details are known. Why do technical reporters continue to use this lady as a resource? If your subject is Amityville Horror, then sure, but Linux-based products? *sigh*
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