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Linux desktop in the AI era
Posted by: TokiyoRio 2019-09-05 23:39:03
I am a happy Linux desktop user for a longer time than is decent to disclose. But I sense times are-a-changin and I am wondering what to do about it and what others think or are doing about it.

The issue is how the Linux desktop could evolve into a more 'intelligent' environment that can boost productivity (while obviously preserving privacy) especially around handling large amounts of external / internal information

Some ideas and directions I am thinking (aloud) about:

Enhanced desktop search. Still using recol that (hasn't evolved much really)

Better integration of browser data (bookmarks, rss feeds) into an overall 'knowledge base'

More event driven notifications (eg Smart suggestions about inefficient usage patterns)

Self-assessment of installation "health"

I think at the root we need some sort of an 'AI' strategy and design to which individual apps would conform.

The upside seems obvious. There is also a downside in doing nothing: Proprietary (and privacy-lite) cloud based 'desktops' are likely to increasingly roll out such features...

Any thoughts?
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