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1903 Bug? To do with window focus and saving files
Posted by: TrevorSaldana 2019-07-26 04:55:03
Ever since 1903 update I've had an annoying problem. I first noticed it in FL Studio where I would save the song I was working on and it would seem to take ages to give me back control as if it was taking ages to save. After a while I figured out it was taking infinite amount of time to save until I switched windows and from there I worked out it was basically losing focus on the main window even if I clicked on it. Playing my midi keyboard would still work and if there was a song playing while I saved it would carry on but key presses and mouse presses on the main window would do nothing until I switched away and then back.

There was an FL Studio update around the same time as the Windows update so I was confused for a while but I've since had the problem in other apps. Basically you save a file and the main window of the application loses focus so keyboard and mouse do nothing until you switch away and then back to it.

I've heard of other people having the problem in FL Studio so I assume at least at the moment that it's a Windows 10 bug introduced by 1903 and isn't just affecting me.
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