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Problems Real-estate Industory Faces
Posted by: finereport 2017-01-17 01:14:57
the current real estate business information systems are decentralized and lack of correlations. 70% of the data is processed in Excel and typically scattered throughout the enterprise in multiple departments. It is difficult to ensure data consistency, accuracy and timeliness. Data quality is also very poor.
In addition, real estate companies are facing many challenges:

Project-oriented operation turns into enterprise unified management
The expansion of an enterprise leads to an increase in the governance scope
Distribution of human resources and funds
Increased operational risk due to changes in the external environment
Extensive management turns into fine-grained management
Geographically distributed and multi-project management challenges
On the whole, the informatization of real estate companies is not ideal, and the efforts and returns are not directly proportional. Enterprises use 60% of the time for data acquisition, collection, transformation and checking, while spending very little effort on business analysis. Many real estate companies use Excel to manage reports, distribute static reports via e-mails and manually review reports, which have resulted in resource wastes. The value of IT departments, enterprise FineReport reporting tool and business intelligence tool provide a complete set of real estate industry solutions, covering the entire business chain and refined management needs(from land supply, planning and design, funds supply, construction supply, to the next marketing planning, customer management, sales management and property management, etc.).
It can help managers to have a clear insight into all aspects of the operation and the overall state of the company in order to realize refined management and provide timely, accurate and comprehensive support for decision-making.
FineReport reporting tool builds a participatory BI analysis system based on years of experience in the real estate industry.
if you want to know more, copy the website.
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