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Data hack will help alleviate woes caused after iOS 9.0 and beyond
Posted by: Dakota2133 2016-04-29 15:57:55

A new feature, not discussed anywhere that I have seen, has been added to the iOS platform 9.0 and all newer versions. I could not figure out why, beginning about 3 months ago, my data usage shot through the roof on my son's iPhone 6S. It turns out that there is a "helpful" little feature on the new iPhone settings called Wi-Fi Assist. When enabled, it "automatically use(s) cellular date when wifi connectivity is poor." My son is constantly streaming You Tube and/or Pandora at home. He tells me, and I have verified several times, that he always uses wifi when doing so from home. So, what's the problem? According to AT&T technical support, whom I spoke to today, WI-FI ASSIST USES DATA BUT DOES NOT CHANGE THE WI-FI ICON! She said that ever since this feature was added (and by the way the default setting is ON) thousands of customers have called to inquire about why their data usage has increased by at least 50% without any change in the way they normally use streaming on wifi. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! The way to access WI-FI ASSIST is from settings, cellular data, then scroll all the way to WI-FI ASSIST. Turn it off if desired. BTW, I would recommend turning it off even if your plan has unlimited data, as speeds decrease after a certain threshold is reached for most cellular providers. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but...isn't it interesting how more plans now offer unlimited data and those offers have escalated quite a bit since WI-FI DATA ASSIST became available? Please be careful and wise with your iPhone settings. The money you save may be your own.
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