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Sanctuary Belize a Good Place to Retire after you sell your eCompany
Posted by: WorldTraveler 2015-05-22 12:55:20
Sanctuary Belize gives investments, as well as exhausted company CEOs, sanctuary and an easy place for a long-term plan.

The resort community on the South Central coast of Belize allows you to own property, build your dream home and save on all manner of fees and taxes in ways that cannot happen elsewhere. The language is English, the government systems are British, the currency pegs to the dollar and the government is stable and ex-pat friendly.

To quote a recent buyer of property at Sanctuary Belize, "Things just feel good down here. The living is easy, the costs are low and even food tastes better."

Sanctuary Belize is helping those who are ready for the slow-paced life to find a life and a lifestyle that fits the next stage of a life well lived - the part where you actually get to live it rather then work for it. And this is in a place that is still ground floor -- Costa Rica of the '90s or Hawaii in the '60s.

Here are your best 10 reasons to retire in Belize and Sanctuary Belize can make that happen and go down like a mojito on a warm beach day.

1) The economy is stable
2) The laws are familiar
3) Very low taxes and nearly invisible fees
4) English is the lingua franca -- where else in Central or Latin America would this be true?
5) Real estate is really affordable
6) Belize is less than two hours from the U.S.
7) A wide and welcoming expat community
8) Financial perks if you are 45 or older
9) Some of the best beaches and beach life in the world
10) Easy living
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