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Today's tech-oriented kids are savvier than ever and know how to cover their tracks online (Websites visited, chat room, histories etc.). A new company called can help Mac-using Moms and Dads take back control of their computers and keep a tight watch over their kids' virtual lives. There are a lot of parents who think they know "parental controls" but there are many methods to maximize Mac technology to keep kids safe. is offering parents a free tech support session so they can sample the service and check it out. Visit for more information.

Crystal (

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Which best describes what you think about requiring Covid-19 "vaccine passports?"
It will prompt more people to take the vaccine to help end the virus.
It will lessen restrictions and provide more freedom for individuals.
It is a violation of privacy and civil liberties.
It will lead to stigma and discrimination.
It will encourage counterfeits and other criminal activities.