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help me create my ecommerce site without HTML
Posted by: jacobkay 2010-08-20 09:39:34
Where do I go to design my ecommerce site without having to use HTML? I started off using and was pleased with how easy it was to design my own website, however I did not find their e-commerce features suitable to my needs. I'm completely new at this and although I'm willing to learn what I have to, I want the easiest way to make my online shop customer-friendly. I'm selling furniture and antiques, so I need the option of multiple pictures and the ability for the customer to zoom in on those pictures.

In addition, after my website is set up and running I would like it to be maintained with minimum effort in the way of updating my product catalog, seeing who's been visiting my site, etc.

Reseaching, I've been pleased with how shopify looks, however their website mentions HTML and CSS coding. I would rather not learn extensive coding in order to get this up and running. I feel like if HTML was not needed to create a professional, fully-customized website, they would readily say so.

I'm in need of some serious advice, and in need of a simple solution. While Googling and "Ask"ing, I've become overwhelmed by the options presented but none of them have seemed to jump out at me as the right way to go.

Thank you.

Setting up an e-commerce site start to finish with NO coding
Posted by: williamlebaron 2011-02-24 16:24:23 In reply to: jacobkay
Hey, there is a site i have found that deals specifically with setting up an e-commerce site. It offers a free instructional process that helps you set up, customize, and maintain your site, beginning with the most basic steps, most importantly, the process they show doesn't require any coding and you can have your site up and ready to sell in under an hour. you can check them out for yourself at

Posted by: kayostar 2011-01-31 02:42:48 In reply to: jacobkay
Wordpress is a good way to create an e-commerce site without needing to know much HTML at all. There are loads of plugins you could use which can give you checkout functionality, image galleries and lots more.

Re: hey
Posted by: Viri 2015-01-13 02:46:01 In reply to: kayostar
I agree. WordPress is the best way forward to create an E-commerce site without HTML. There is also Joomla but that requires a bit more technical knowledge to implement and maintain.

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