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First post here
Posted by: FatTexan 2012-02-01 17:14:40
Signed up today. Interested in two subjects, choosing a cell phone and deciding on which/how many anti-virus programs to purchase/use.

On a side note, how does one search around to discover if my questions have been answered somewhere else?

Re: First post here
Posted by: jymm 2012-08-18 19:16:06 In reply to: FatTexan
You should only use one anti-virus program, more will find the definitions of one as a virus on the other. There are many great free anti-virus programs. My favorite is Avast, which I use on Windows and Linux, but AVG, BitDefender and Avira are all good. Many also come in Mac and Unix/Linux, though most Linux are scan only.

Secondly run adware/spyware if running windows. Free again is as good as paid. Spybot search and Destroy and Spyware blaster can both be on your machine. Spyware Blaster keeps the stuff off, Spybot search and Destroy also scans. Linux, don't worry about spyware/adware.

If you just want to run a scan to see if your main anti-virus missed something (windows), Malwarebytes is a good program.

Softpedia is a great place to find anti-virus and Adware downloads.

Not a phone person, you will have to ask someone else on that.

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