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What are the features of help desk software?
Posted by: SophiaGreen 2012-07-25 00:46:34
Help desk software help to manage various tasks inside an organization. This software streamlines the questions and sends the relevant queries and solutions to the concerned departments with good response time. With the increasing usage of the web the need of the reliable and responsive customer support solutions is growing high.

Some features of the help desk software we can discuss about are as follows:

- Can prioritize the inquiries in the network to proper personnel departments.

- It has an effective ticketing system by which customers can open and track their issues.

- It consists of tools for reporting, tracking and creating solutions.

- It provides knowledge base to set FAQ for customer self help.

- It has an interface of web which can be accessible from any other PC.

- It has a quality based technical support.

- It can use emails to reply tickets.

Re: What are the features of help desk software?
Posted by: quickfms 2015-07-08 06:00:55 In reply to: SophiaGreen
Help Desk Software helps executives to manage tasks or issues within organization. Using help desk software we can do many things regarding support on various issues.

I can add here some points:
- Multiple time management
- Basic and advanced ticket searches
- Bulk ticket updates
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