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best file sharing P2P
Posted by: anrewmiller 2002-05-24 11:43:43
Out of all the P2P applications out there, which p2p file-sharing technology gives best performance? Lots of people suggested kazaa. Can anybody comment on that?

Posted by: manlyhappy 2011-02-09 12:19:44 In reply to: anrewmiller
I prefer less anonymous programs. I use DC++. It's more restrictive, but you find much more rare stuff than the usual junk shared on P2P. I'm a member of a small classical music community for instance and we often hit the 40TB of cds shared. Check us out if you like to share with us You'll find out how to join us on that site.

best file sharing P2P
Posted by: charli943 2010-06-21 08:12:13 In reply to: anrewmiller
i suggest Zevera!! because you can download any link without failure

Posted by: thadondatta 2008-06-16 22:10:18 In reply to: anrewmiller

Limewire Pro
Posted by: dollyman 2009-02-21 02:27:40 In reply to: thadondatta
Thats a joke!!

I used Limewire Pro which ran perfect until the first virus got me. Totally screwed up my hard drive to the point of having to rip it out and replace with a new one.

Also had the highest available version of Zone Alarm AV installed yet it still got thru that!

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: sidgoing 2007-08-24 17:10:14 In reply to: anrewmiller
Lets face it Kazaa is the best, the only downfall is the spyware that comes with it. These a simple solution download kazaa lite resurrection. Kazaa without the crap.
What makes a file sharing program good it the amount of people using it. I recommend using the two best and sticking to them kazaa light res and a new one Shareaza.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: dynastyv6 2008-02-17 04:08:32 In reply to: sidgoing
Try Bitlord :)

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: gigajohn 2007-02-28 07:42:04 In reply to: anrewmiller
GigaTribe is one of the better ones since you're directly connected with your friends and all exchanges are ENCRYPTED (so your privacy is guaranteed)! SUCKS
Posted by: juniorisclean 2010-06-24 12:25:18 In reply to: gigajohn
Hi there, I try that and you have to sign in and become a member before you even atempt to do any download. Now that is retarded. I know of at the least 5 top secret download sites where every single new movie avalible is checked for viruses and are there for the free taking. Now that is a NICE clean NON member have to be cult free download site. Next time I might give you one of them so that you can post a real fack here go here ( This is how it works. see what you want and press download.. but this SUCKS. BIG TIME. Thanks, Jr

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: jockwav 2006-11-04 11:12:43 In reply to: anrewmiller
Just tried ares and i think it works really well.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: jockwav 2006-11-04 05:28:31 In reply to: anrewmiller
I have just tried filecroc and it is a croc of sh..,waited for ages and it is still probably searching as i speak.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: greensider 2006-08-07 07:46:54 In reply to: anrewmiller
I've read this forum all the way down and beyond and I must say it really sucks, I really wanted to know what the best sharing program was, i've tried limewire, bearshare, all the kazaas, I-mesh, bittorrent, Ares, Azureus, Lphant, eMule and many more... could someone PLEASE answer my question the right way BTW LIMEWIRE RULES!!!!!

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: Kurvacious 2006-06-16 15:33:51 In reply to: anrewmiller
Right peeps!!...Get it right!!!!!!
both kazaa and limewire are full of spyware and
-kazaa- (most importantly!) slows ur computer down good n propa! i have 512 hard drive and 12mb internet connection and my pc (mainly internet pages) were almost at a stand still!n
-warez- brought up allsorts of crap when using search engine, i'd ask for shrek 2 and it brought the last dance!...wots all that about?
-Winmx- was the best for me....but i was daft enough 2 do a pc restore, when i came to retrieve it, they had started charging fee! damn!
-bittorrent- i have been using this since then, i deleted it 4 times originally, but after much pursuasion and research I decided to give it another go. It's complicated to figure out at 1st, but once you get the hang of it it's quite good. it's not so good for older songs, even 80's but u can get albums no problem. It's just single songs that are a problem. And also it takes a bit more effortthan ur usual p2p. U download from different internet sites. But the best one is (once u've already downloaded the bittorrent program). And if ur looking for specificatio9n, then they do have different sites for different tastes. such as music videos, porn etc.
Google "best p2p" then look for afterdawn forum comments. One user goes into great detail explaining each website, how good they are and what they are good for!!
Overall I'm quite happy with bittorrent, it is very fast and it's quite good for getting the new stuff!!
Hope i was of sum help!
signed..Kurvacious_killa!! xx

Posted by: GARGAMEL 2006-03-30 22:37:33 In reply to: anrewmiller
You guys are forgetting about BEARSHARE!, it is by far better when it comes to download speed and file search. Let me tell you, if you are so damn worried about spyware-adware on the P2P networks that might come bundled, it is easy to keep them from messing with your connections, and stupid ad popups! First make sure your your firewall will catch any attempt by the adware/spyware connecting out your PC. When the third party software, which is not the main P2P software that is trying to connect, simply click no, and put a checkmark that says always do this, or what ever your firewall says when it pops up a messege, and also make sure you have a registry controller, that's your firewall or antivirus might have bundled with, it will also popup and ask you about the spyware/adware connection attepts! I don't have any problems or issues with these P2P file sharing softwares, I am pretty aware of what might happen, it's all about control, keep control of what you do with your PC. *Gargs*

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: Colombus 2006-02-19 19:00:12 In reply to: anrewmiller
I just did the following test...
I searched for rare movies by a not-so-well-known Chilean director. Search entry: "Jodorowsky"
ARES: no results even after 15 min.
LIMEWIRE: no results even after 15 min.
SHAREAZA: no results even after 15 min.
eMULE: Almost instantly returned a pageful of results: all his movies in different formats and languages/subtitles + many TV interviews and documentaries. There you have it.
As for iMESH, I just tried to install 6.0 and guess what - on first opening it won't connect. I went and checked out their support forums. Hmm... all sorts of problems reported there, including mine. They advised to check and configure my firewall properly, this and that port, you know. Well, before I did that, I just lowered the firewall altogether and tried to connect again; SAME problem (blank "registration" screen). Programs like that I can do without.
Forget WinMx, they now make you pay for it.
So as for eMULE, it's not the fastest, but it is multi-user and you gets your file whole and verified in the end. Also it lets you preview video content. But it is definitely for nerds or those with some patience to learn the basics (the knowledge base is very thorough.)

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: andyrooster 2007-09-12 21:55:41 In reply to: Colombus
i searched ares galaxy for jodorowsky and got back over 100 results within less than 15 seconds and all results were relevant not rubbish if your not having success with ares i'd be looking at your configurations i suspect somthing is wrong. and make sure you are using authentic ares software there are several fakes using their name.
allso there are companies such as OUT-LAW.COM that are leagally employed by the likes of hollywood and the music industry to seed hundreds of decoy files into most or all p2p operations making it increasingly difficult to download the file you were looking for. this is becoming more and more of a problem especially if your going after a movie that is still showing at cinemas or just been released on dvd. you get heaps of results from your search and they all look promising but what you get is either somthing completely unrelated or perhaps the movie preview stitched together several times to make up a movie sized file. it sucks but then i suppose everyone likes to get paid for their work don't they

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: bruclee32 2007-05-07 11:53:51 In reply to: Colombus All kinds of P2P and file Sharing but dont care deal sharing this one for u. I used for whole year and half have nver many problems find anything. Downlaod music, software, moives, has anything you think just better any program beside limewire, winmx, napstar, personel say best buy ever get.. I have tried alot paid site this been really good!!1

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: agador 2006-07-05 11:46:43 In reply to: Colombus
I just did a search on "Jodorowsky" using Shareza, it instanly retured the following results" 146 files in 209 hits, searching 2230 hubs,116354 leaves. Shareza has no spyware, it works very well, the speed of downloads is determined by who you are connected to, more than your connection speed.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: barney 2006-03-18 07:33:12 In reply to: Colombus
how do you download for free on kazza

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: drock369 2006-01-04 22:08:19 In reply to: anrewmiller
You may want to try DC++ (direct connect), free files sharing
the program is a little more complicated than the usual limewire/kazaa and you only download from one user at a time. You select the hubs you would like to connect to, some are restricted to you share size. The amount of files available in these hubs far outweighs many of the other files P2Ps. Also while speeds can vary for downloading often you can achieve speeds of over 50kb/s from a user. Here you can add to favorites, then download their file list to see what they have. Overall people here take downloading more seriously, and you will find fewer viruses/spam.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: thunderroad 2005-12-11 13:06:15 In reply to: anrewmiller
i`m a p2p freak.i`ve used all p2p pro.let me tell u one thing :
MAIL ME ON kamaldeepyadav@hotmail for ur comments n check out this

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: thunderroad 2005-12-11 12:49:21 In reply to: anrewmiller
limewire i agree.i have mac fee but still cant contro kazaa.i mesh also adds stupid wares.i have tried everyone though limewire takes too much of the comp performance but it is the best of all.t

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: thunderroad 2005-12-11 12:44:47 In reply to: anrewmiller
Kazaa adds adware on one time use only.limewire has always remain best for me.i`ve used bitorrent which is exhausting,i mesh shows no search results.out of all limewire is the best.morpheus is same as of imesh.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: mish05 2005-11-15 04:20:43 In reply to: anrewmiller
Hi there,
Does anybody knows the best file sharing program to download music videos?
I have Limewire and i have to say it is the best for music, though the video search doesn't allow you to imput the artist name, so you get thousands of files that aren't related with your search.
Any ideas?

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: andrewburt 2007-01-02 15:57:49 In reply to: mish05
well prob the 1 with bad words not gonna be post so here it go agn.
where litle search menu is where u type the stuff u search for jst click more search options advanced or w/e i cnt check cuz i jst did system restore. and then just like artist on mussic is stars on video trust me it work same

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: R4UL 2005-11-13 03:07:52 In reply to: anrewmiller
Hi people
My p2p software (Ares) seems to take too long to connect to a movie or song (approx 10 mins). This is really frustating and am seeking for advice and help.
Please post a reply with any help or advice asap

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: ggghhh57 2005-06-25 14:39:59 In reply to: anrewmiller
Lime Wire is I think the best p2p out there. There is no crap that comes along with it. Just pure and simple, and very clean. Visit lime wire @

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: bwalker59 2008-03-26 18:37:40 In reply to: ggghhh57
Limewire is okay and after trying all the other garbage P2P programs I keep coming back to Limewire. The only problems I experience are the file base seems to be getting smaller and the download times seem to be getting longer! Also, I get discouraged when I begin to transfer a file and after hours, sometimes days, when it gets to 90% the host decides to leave town! Shareaza has a more extensive file base but they're even slower! Will be glad when someone develops a P2P program with super fast transfer time!

P2P - Top 8(rather ranked.. best to worst)
Posted by: coldestiniowa 2005-06-01 19:08:50 In reply to: anrewmiller
Yeah. definitely have to agree.. by and far, ares is the least headache. There are several that are okay runners up, here is my list of favorite
1. ares (just plain and simple)
2. warez (clone of ares, different network though.. decent enough for someone sick of others)
3. kazaa (plain old regular version ; official version) is actually the best (tried lite and resurrection and they suck). Say what you want.. but if you use Norton/antivirus and adblocker and have decent computer (even as old as PII - 350MHz) it works okay.. Does lag computer this old.. really bad. But newer Computer works well.. Thus said, I prefer not to use Kazaa.. got sick of it.. But it works okay
4. Piolet, I think this is another ares/warez clone.. Decent enough, not enough users though.. and it's spanish based... so I think a lot of users are geared towrds different language. Still decent.. reliable
5. BitTorrent clients.. Would be #1 or #2 if I could get it to work on my computer. But I can't get my ports to work with it.. Something about forwarding ports to router... I have tried everything to get it to work, but can't get ports to work.
6. Shareaza... Didn't much care for this.
7. WinMX... I think this program accesses too many networks.. especially Gnutella/based networks.. which are always slow because of all the bandwidth generated by these types of networks...
8. Gnutella/based clients... all these suck pretty much because of all bandwidth used to maintain network and to search.. Even if you found lots of instances of file you wanted, it will take forever to d/l if even at all. It's not that I don't like the programs... I love these client's interface so much.. OMG, if they actually worked for me I would never use anything else. But they have NEVER worked for me... So I don't use any of these

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: GoNavyMike 2005-01-17 13:44:08 In reply to: anrewmiller
WinMX is best for Songs if you know how to set your settings. Filecroc is a good one for all widely used one is eMule But it's downloads contain alot of viruses. I've learned that you definitely want to have an active anti-virus program running that is up to date on the virus definitions. Also, it is a good idea to make a folder just for your p2p downloads so as you won't clutter other files on your PC and before opening any of the downloads you should tell your Anti-Virus program to scan that folder. I've learned the hard way...I had to reformat my hard drive 3 times in less than 2 months due to viruses and spyware. Anyone have ideas as to what the best Spyware removal is? or what the best Anti-virus program is?

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: bruclee32 2007-05-07 11:48:01 In reply to: GoNavyMike
The best has been awarded best reveiw for past few months is The Shield Deluxe 2007 and best spyware program
XoftSpy !!!

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: jamo_t 2006-06-05 07:54:24 In reply to: GoNavyMike
hey dude
by far the best anti-virus program that i've ever used is AVG Free by Grisoft, and as you might have guessed by the name; it's free. They have regular updates which are also free and a great email scanner and program controls. It doesn't look as stylish as the other a-v programs out there but who cares, it's funcional looking. It works beautifully and doesn't interrupt you PC while you're working or at startup. You can download it at

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: avi39b 2005-03-06 02:14:49 In reply to: GoNavyMike
hey buddy i have just read your comment and i can tell you what is the spyware and antivirus that i am using like you i have format my pc about 4 times in a week cause of these spyware and stuff!
the best spyware is: ad-adware 6.0
and the best antivirus is norton antivirus !!
i have tried ares , shareaza ,and kazaa lite and i have just download croc...i think that the est p2p is ares!!with shareaza i have a lot of prob!!

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: 6tantra9 2005-05-25 05:37:08 In reply to: avi39b
whoever thinks norton is the best AV should be laughed at HAHA
norton dectection rate is 57% crap
too best AV is:
kaspersky 97% DR
antivir 87% DR
never reformatted my pc never had to and kaspersky and ad-adware SE is why

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: reydelmar 2005-05-07 07:50:15 In reply to: avi39b
For me the download on ARES is slow! Is it fast for you?

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: johnnyboy1992 2005-03-05 15:54:44 In reply to: GoNavyMike
WHAT ARE YOU ALL SMOKEING!!!!! KAZZA SUCKS ASS...NO EFFENSE...ill give you a few reasons why!
1.Has viruses...and im positive.
2.Has a lot of spyware in it.
3.Slows down your computer.
4.Too many people use it so it begins to slow down.
5.It messes up your computer!
Anyways if you love downloading music and movies and crap like that the best and fastest...and when I say fastest I mean SUPERRRRRR FAST!!! is called
This sharing p2p file is fast but I must admit, it is very complicated to use but you will eventually learn. But also a really good one I use is limewire. It has no spams, viruses, doesnt slow down your computer, no spyware!
Anyways got any questions for me e-mail me at and i will be more then happy to help you with whatever you want!

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: J_Rilla 2005-08-19 22:10:29 In reply to: johnnyboy1992
Hey ... i need your help with bit torrent ok i have Dsl and it does not work for sopranos season 5 it takes 15 days to download and same with simpsons it takes way to long like 18 days for simpsons i need your help can you tell me how to fix that something to do with my router or something email me back please and for an album cd music album it takes 8 hours with wrong with it because on other stuff its way faster its just bit torrent tho but on other staff you can't download albums so email me at peace

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: ni-els1976 2005-04-23 11:57:49 In reply to: johnnyboy1992
Hey johnnyboy1992,
I just want to say to you, the P2P application you say is best in use (that means simple in use for people who just want to have a lot of easy, but very good download-fun), I can fully agree with that.
I must say, I have just chosen this forum by giving up a querie in google, and in about one minute, I can only confirm your reaction. I know it is a bit late, while the first reaction was first given in 2002, and a lot can have been changed..............but............
I have been using Limewire, free version for two years now, just an option by a friens at the time. I had already tried a lot of other p2p-filesharing programs at the time, at yep...of course Kazaa.
Well, my comment on all the other p2p-programs is very simple, and excuse me if I don't make myself clear enough (I'm Dutch, so my English might be insufficient to make myself clear),I think (my oppinion) they can't compete themselves with Limewire free version. The Pro Version (read: paid version is also oke, but finds even less options than the free version) you can skip that one..........Just try the free version, at the time writing 4.8.1. Even the ICT-manager at mu office tried this, and he never wanted anything else from that moment on. Of course he was useng Kazaa and Shareaza at that time.
I can only say try Limewire Free, Graphically a very fine and easy to use/learn version and a lot of fun. johnnyboy1992 you can email me anytime, because I think you hit the jackpot here!!!!
To all the new Limewire-users here...........find out yourself and know you met the best p2p-file sharing program..........

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: whatever 2004-08-28 21:30:01 In reply to: anrewmiller
imesh definitly is the best p2p sharing program. although it doesnt have as many users as kazaa or edonkey, its downloading speed is the best.its ability to use several sources at the same time is awsome.u can easily download a complete movie in one and a half hour.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: tabasko 2005-12-07 16:32:17 In reply to: whatever
what ive tried limewire imesh ares filecroc kazaa warez piolet(crap) winmx bearshare morpheaus some crap that starts with a g i cant remember and i think that filecroc is the best for music and videos. But im still lookin for somthing better any more options for me to try besides bittorrent

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: west_beach_be 2004-05-30 10:52:52 In reply to: anrewmiller
hey man me and my friends found this wicked no spyware/ adaware its awsome for finding everything it is called warez it is an application file sharing activity to download this goto for all of your other downloads (for those alittle harder to find ones) i hav WinMX it isnt that good for queed transfers and like multiple host transfers i use it when there is no hope in finding what im looking for hope this shit helps you, you can goto there is all you need to know about p2p fs that i have that are tarific cant wait til this service gets like amillion people then it will make you pay or spy/ada WARE BOOOOOOOOOOo thanks for your time READ THIS

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: Shenmue 2004-04-28 18:10:21 In reply to: anrewmiller
Kazaa is fairly rubbish. Winmx is the least user friendly file share program out there. Emule or the edonkey have the biggest range of files and the most users, though download time is fairly poor due to enforced sharing. These two programs also had an amaizing links page, called sharereactor which had a massive archive of genuine files and descriptions. Sadly this site is no longer with us. If you can master the Bittorrent program then you can get some truly amaizing download speeds, but you can only get one file at a time. Shareaza is easily the best file sharing program that I have used up until today. If you want to use the Bittorrent programs then check out for a huge archive of torrents.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: sublime78 2004-09-04 08:04:47 In reply to: Shenmue
The most sublime of all file-sharing programs is by far the one and only (ARES)!!!!!!!

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: broomfieldno1 2005-04-05 14:20:28 In reply to: sublime78
I use Ares & agree it is fast & effective, I hate having to downloads all singles from an Album though. What is best for downloading full albulms?

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: BizAngel 2004-10-09 15:45:17 In reply to: sublime78
You're right: I've tried them all and Ares is the best. Free, no spyware and less downtime than

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: iBIPS 2004-07-14 23:15:53 In reply to: Shenmue
I agree, even Kazaa Lite is fairly rubbish however, it is the best I have found, without ads/spyware for a PC. Acqlite is alot better than any other file share program i have used, better interface, no ads, but download times can be slow on large files. However is only available for Mac OS. Going to try Shareaza see how that is.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: squeds 2004-04-27 16:55:21 In reply to: anrewmiller
I would say I dont like Kazaa its too slow. Lime Wire
is the best - it's faster.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: karizma__ 2006-09-07 03:41:54 In reply to: squeds
Hi all! I have important question about Lime Wire.I'm not sure if it shares only these file which i have download with Lime or also others from my PC.Does anyone knows?

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: philbu 2003-07-28 13:05:16 In reply to: anrewmiller
yup, kazaa

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: Oriumpor 2003-07-19 13:38:03 In reply to: anrewmiller
I would say, until there is an obfuscated/encrypted p2p network, I won't touch it. Even if the chances of getting caught are slim, the chances of getting caught on an encrypted p2p network are much slimmer.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: gambit 2005-05-07 14:19:34 In reply to: Oriumpor
Did someone say encrypted obfuscated network? Then try
aka ANTS
ANts P2P realizes a third generation P2P net.
It protects your privacy while you are connected and makes you not trackable,
hiding your identity (ip) and crypting everything you are sending/receiving from others.
Downloads are realized by swarming through nodes downloading the same file, using a non-deterministic and stocastic process of data distribution. This grants a very good "dispersion" of the information among nodes, without having a central tracker like the one required by BitTorrent.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: tpsaint 2003-05-02 08:08:18 In reply to: anrewmiller
Kazaalite is the best all round general purpose p2p, but the best for music downloads is WinMX

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: avi39b 2004-12-18 19:11:09 In reply to: tpsaint
i have tried shareaza ,imesh ,kazaa and kazaa lite!!! and serioulsly with a cable connection the best is kazaa lite! i can download an entire mouvie in approx 2 hour...shareaza isnt working as it was,i dont know why...but personally i think that if we have a lot of file to share kazaa is very fast !!!

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: rukker 2004-04-26 16:40:56 In reply to: tpsaint
the best you say it is all full off viruses
and it is zo slow just like all p2p.
I juse newsbin it is a binaries downloader
and i get up to 700 kbs but thats on kable.
i don't know how mutch it goes by phone.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: benzamin 2002-05-30 07:47:57 In reply to: anrewmiller
yeah...this is the best site for p2p file sharing program, get any type of music, download any type of music..can even share your documents..kazaa

Kazaa lite ONLY
Posted by: onetime 2002-12-28 22:31:23 In reply to: benzamin
No!! no... do yourself a big favor and get Kazaa LITE ( It's free.
Lite has no spyware, Kazaa does.
If you have Kazaa installed I suggest you get "ad-aware", free from
I found 36 instances of spyware on my neighbor's computer, it ran a lot faster after the cleansing. The startup time alone was cut in half after erasing all those spyware reg entries.

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: cutesmith 2002-05-29 06:29:46 In reply to: anrewmiller
kazaa will never die, it's the best p2p file sharing program, can download and search any cool stuff..can share your resources, speed is excellent..get the lite version..kazaa

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: heatherford 2002-05-28 05:09:37 In reply to: anrewmiller
kazaa is the best period

Re: best file sharing P2P.......
Posted by: cutesmith 2002-05-28 03:46:43 In reply to: anrewmiller
hello friend...i am personally using kazaa and in my opinion it is the best p2p file sharing program. from here you can share your documents and can download any type of cool stuff..get music of any type...

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: kristenlanger 2002-05-27 04:47:07 In reply to: anrewmiller
i think kazaa

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: marianevf 2002-05-30 07:13:48 In reply to: kristenlanger
KaZaa's search function takes the cake, letting you hunt for any kind of file or target your quest for music, video, software, images, or documents. Get KazaA it is the best file-sharing ....the fastest and with more results.........i personally use it for software and videos

Re: best file sharing P2P
Posted by: XH42 2004-12-29 07:29:08 In reply to: marianevf
MLdonkey runs on edonkey network and is mainly opimized for Linux/Unix

peer 2 peer?
Posted by: DarkProximity 2004-02-25 09:28:20 In reply to: marianevf
well I think kazaa is good, but what can I use in Linux? Because GiFT isn't working properly... A file sharing application must have good compatibility between platforms, don't you all think? eMule is slower but better to find contents, and KaZaA is not my preferred one.

Re: peer 2 peer?
Posted by: soggyboyd 2004-02-29 17:49:33 In reply to: DarkProximity
Yes, I too am looking for a good Linux file sharing program without spyware. Anyone have any suggestions? Is there anyway to run WinMX in the Linux environment?

Re: peer 2 peer?
Posted by: squeds 2004-04-27 16:57:01 In reply to: soggyboyd
lime wire is gnutella it works on linux and windows !

the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: lvlasterMind 2005-04-12 18:30:32 In reply to: squeds
all of u are retarded Kazza sucks!!!!!!
the best file shareing allpication out there right now in 2005 is shareaza it uses 5 diffrent networks including torrent.. u can download almost anything dosent slow ur computer down at all it laggs the internet massivily tho thats because it uses 3 diffrent searching sockets to search all the avable networks (limewire-edonky-bittorrent-imesh-kazza-guru-gaTuilu 1 and 2 and many more the average # of sources per DL i get on software ((((Jet-i belive in a thing called love i have 450 sources right now))))u can configure witch networks to search on i useually just connect to 5 of them it listes at least 20 u can connect to, if u want u can connect to all of them and u can also download plugins to connect to other networks it has a very good filter and can tell from a infected file to an noninfected file or u can just scan .... and buy the way NORTON suck the big one my friend u dont know what ur talking about so stfu ur just going to popular programs the best virus scanner out there is actually "ANTI VIR" google it its free to... norton only picks up 2 out of 5 common viruses anti vir pick up 4 out of 5 if u wannt to fight me about it feel free to talk to me on AIM my SN is llvllasterlvlind or email me as for the best spyware program get webroot spysweeper its great but if ur not a bumd ass and u know how to fix microsofts errors in IE5 just make ur own coustom setting in internet options not that hard

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: webwiz 2005-04-22 05:52:44 In reply to: lvlasterMind
all of these program's performances depend upon where you download them from. some independent programmers have made available completely ad and spyware free versions of kazaa lite. google search this>>> rocko, kazaa. you will find a good version of kazza lite there. i use it and it is very fast. sometimes i achieve speeds of 50kbs or more. i allow 7 uploads and 10 downloads and use all the kazaa tools available. kazaa supernodes can help you find the best computer to use for your connection. a cable modem and a good anti-virus/security program are a must.

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: lysolthegreat 2005-05-13 17:59:00 In reply to: webwiz
ok .. using Kazaa is bad i don't care if it's lite or not it's still bad i had kazaa and it practiacally destroyed my computer even with norton antivirus.... i had to reinstall windows and everything so avoid kazaa completely at alllll costs
i've had alooot of p2p programs kazaa, kazaa lite, imesh, shareazea, morpheas, and now ares. i feel the best one is definetly ares all the way ..i get super fast downloads i can download a whole song in less then 10 seconds i hit like 120 kbs and 500 kbs on software and programs plus ares has never ever given me a virus and no adware or spyware and is 100% SAFE... next up i liked imesh it was fast and safe but all around ares is alittle bit faster and more reliable

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: bcw_leader 2005-07-01 05:48:30 In reply to: lysolthegreat
the best would be Bearshare @ but thats only if you dont mind having a computer that that can only dl and use p2p network clients and not the internet otherwise the very best would be KazAa Lite Plus Plus if you dont mind the never connect feature and the crappy dl speeds but overall the best would have to warez fast connection fairly fast downloads e.g. i dled an iso of Halo in about 5 minutes thats 650 mb to 700 mb

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: andrewburt 2007-01-02 16:19:06 In reply to: bcw_leader
first off baershare a knockoff of lime wire and i dl same halo and got spyware and junk. also u cnt dl at (700) mps highest so far is (10)mps

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: thunderroad 2005-12-11 13:13:05 In reply to: bcw_leader
what was ur broadband speed limit.limewire is best kazaa is not

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: boombox 2005-05-21 07:38:35 In reply to: lysolthegreat
i use to have ares and i slowed my entire com down a ton i almost wasnt able to run it at all when i got rid of it my com got better and worked fine... but ares was the best if it didnt do that to my com ide still have it. but some of the problem could of been the amount downloaded from it
and i agree kazaa is nothing but trouble but the lime wire [free virsion] doesnt have alot to choose from in my opinion and some of the vids well alll the vids i tried dont work eather.

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: Jossana 2005-06-26 22:29:55 In reply to: boombox
I tried Kazza lite, I-mesh, Shareaza, and Limewire, and I think that Limewire is the best in all of this program. You can get almost anything in Limewire especially movies, its always available to download. If you want to download Japanese Animation for example, I would recommend Limewire. I tried to use Shareaza and the files are there but it is not always available to download. Same thing with Kazza Lite. Bittorent is also recommendable but it is hard to use. I've heard that mIRC is the best place to download movies, but I don't know how to use it. Does anybody here knows how to use mIRC? Pls. let me know

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: athame 2005-12-29 10:23:46 In reply to: Jossana
Mirc has a very good speed, though not all the time... Sometimes the host has a poor connection, which means it doesn't matter even if you have dsl or cable or even leased line coz if your host is connecting via phone, you'd still have a slow download rate... One more thing, it's only for patient people... Queues are terrible there... You must also know a lot of channels coz some channels doesn't offer files for downloads, but its easy to find them... Most of the channels though are for chats even the channels that offer downloads... LAstly, you must know the commands, and you must read plenty of their rules! Each channels have their own... I suggest, unless you've got nothing to do, stay with P2P...

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: adrianveidt66 2005-10-27 07:53:52 In reply to: Jossana
do you still want to learn how to use mirc?

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: bearDOG 2006-04-08 23:47:54 In reply to: adrianveidt66
Limewire sucks, badly. as do kazaa, imesh, and morpheus. MIRc is much better, or was.. seems that during the time i had to use dial up something happened and i can rarely even get a file sent to me. but since that happened i have been using limewire. it has slow downloads(rarely over 70k -- after being used to very rarely seeing under 115 with mirc) and incorrect file names.. for instance today, i tried to download Jarhead, and in the first scene there was a woman gettin banged on the table, now I havent seen the movie yet but im pretty sure its not supposed to start out that way. and the sad part is, Limewire is still better than other p2p programs. bottom line mirc is the way to go, if you can use it.

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: starblazer64 2007-07-09 00:20:34 In reply to: bearDOG
Here is one to avoid!!! You think you're giving them information for an initial exchange. You think you'll have the option to back out before it goes through. But once they get your card info, you are f*d! They also make you think it will only be 1.66 per month but they multiply that by 2 years and in addition (even though you don't ask for it charge you $15.48 for virus protection even if you already have the best. In addition to that, they charge another $9.95 for a so-called Pro version. Wait it gets even better! Like I said, you can't contact them to tell them "no" or anything once you type in the info proving you have a method of payment. Automatically it says, Congratulations (Sucker) then tells you the amount they are taking from you. a whopping $64.07. After that, you can try e mailing them all night long telling them they tricked you and you're not interested. Too bad. They just got your money. Now for the bitter end.....
Here is what they give you...Ready??
Limewire Pro. You can get that for $18.00 from Limewire themselves. I tried to e mail Limewire to see if they are affiliated in any way but have yet to hear from them. I was so ticked off I had to report my Visa stollen. Well what else should I have done? There is another site with that same name but I don't know much about it.
So as I learned a long time ago...
Screw me once?..shame on you!
Srew me twice?? Shame on me!
Take care out there!
Starblazer 10 10 on the side

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: Silvernirvash 2008-03-16 19:17:37 In reply to: starblazer64
Hmmm from what i can tell the only 2 really good P2P programs out there are Ares and Limewire. While ares has a load a crap that has no relation to your searches it has tons of things you wouldn't be able to find any other way.
Limewire while its search results may not come up to being a lot allow you to browse the host of a file you want to see if you want anything else from them.
Both of these programs have excellent networks and i Rarely and i mean RARELY disconnect from them and most of it is due to stupid spam from messeges from people i dont even know half the time. But none the less my points remain valid and i think most of you get the idea because i've seen atleast 4 posts all with Limewire and Ares listed as one of the bests.

Re: the BEST of the BEST....
Posted by: marwen83 2008-04-03 07:57:52 In reply to: Silvernirvash
You also have some ways to share your private files without making them public. You can use software like Allpeers or Podmailing, it's the best way if you want to share files quickly with your friends.

Best Filesharing site ever
Posted by: deveshhh 2008-11-24 21:55:23 In reply to: marwen83
Check out this with phenomenal features like
Unlimited file upload (No premium account.. Every account is premium for us)
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No time bound file hosting ( your file will never be lost or deleted)

You can register using the link below[nXx
I got paid $370 for the downloads of my file for the month of september.. Rally happy with their service
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