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Re: Sprint Music Store Hits Sour Note With Price
Posted by: Edward C. Baig 2005-11-04 05:27:01
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In September, Apple, Cingular and Motorola teamed on ROKR, the first mobile music phone to synchronize with Apple's popular iTunes jukebox software. But the ROKR met a lukewarm reception. It can hold just 100 songs, compared with thousands on most iPods. To transfer songs to the ROKR, you have to connect the phone via USB cable to a PC or Mac. It can't download music "over the air," straight to your handset. Neither could other music phones sold in the USA. Until now.

Re: Sprint Music Store Hits Sour Note With Price
Posted by: melgross 2005-11-04 22:44:23 In reply to: Edward C. Baig
Some questions here. First; What bitrate is this encoded in if it's about 1 megabyte a song? That doesn't seem too good. It looks like a low bitrate.
Number two relates to number one. What about the song that lands on the PC (Or Mac, if it's supported)? Is that also 1 megabyte? If so, that's pretty crummy. I suppose they don't want to keep you waiting for the phone download and feel that a crummy bitrate is fine.
Actually, thete's a third thing. You forgot to mention that the Rokkr can also have the memory expanded with another card.

Re: Sprint Music Store Hits Sour Note With Price
Posted by: Musica360 2005-11-04 05:33:26 In reply to: Edward C. Baig
Great article. I'm watching this music service with interest because I don't think the average consumer will pay $2.50 for the ability to download to a cell phone when they can do so online much cheaper.
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