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Re: Scratchable Nano Screen Draws Consumers' Ire
Posted by: Jennifer LeClaire 2005-09-26 09:50:52
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When Apple introduced the iPod Nano earlier this month, the computer maker billed it as thinner than a standard #2 pencil. Now, what Steve Jobs described as its "impossibly small size" could possibly give Apple executives a large headache. That's because some customers are murmuring that Apple's US$249 model is too delicate for everyday use. The major complaint surrounds the color display screen.

Re: Scratchable Nano Screen Draws Consumers' Ire
Posted by: gcmx 2005-10-02 22:05:55 In reply to: Jennifer LeClaire
after reading this forum, i must say that i'm pretty much in agreement with the opinions of apple computer.
however, being an apple enthusiast as well as a shareholder for many years, this time i find myself questioning the quality of their new product lines and the way they are marketed.
for example, the new ipod NANO is an ingenious state-of-the-art tool, allowing one to enjoy music, photos, and manage their life in a unique way; but after opening the box to look at this sleek device, you quickly realize its fragility once in hand.
unless one uses the sleek looking NANO in an atmospheric clean room wearing white super soft gloves, it will QUICKLY deteriorate in the real world to the point where it becomes ugly and absolutely useless...making the entire investment a complete waste of time and money.
this is all because the super brains at apple computer either didn't notice how sensitive the NANO'S shell casing really is, or they intentionally made it that way to encourage a mirid of expensive aftermarket items such as protective grip skins that range from 10 to 50 dollars each, which are yet available, or fancy cleaning/polishing solutions that are outrageously priced.
not to mention the additional cost of static adhering clear vinyl screen/body sheets for added protection even before slipping on the grip skin, just to protect the NANO from unintentional scratches, scrapes, and nicks...all this fuss could increase one's investment by at least another 100 dollars.
another issue is the permanent battery, which is soldered in place and can not be changed.
and the most disturbing issue i have with apple's new NANO is their on-line store, which is where i ordered and purchased my new NANO as well as other items over the years.
after weeks of apple ignoring complaints about cracked screens, they finally fessed up to a problem with a supposed vendor during early production.
now, they will replace NANO'S with cracked screens or refund your money, that's if one didn't get their NANO engraved on the back side.
you see, there is no mention of a 'no refund or replacement policy' when one is asked about this free engraving service option upon placing an order on apple's web site.
if i had known at the time i ordered my NANO, for sure i would not have had mine inscribed with my name.
i now feel that this option is only a lure, which will excuse apple from any responsibility about defective materials or poor's not until one looks very hard for apple's refund/return policy, where 'engrave items are not returnable' is mentioned.
in my opinion, apple computer should place a warning label on every NANO box so the potential consumer can make an informed decision before spending/wasting their hard earned dollars.
one would think that, with all of apple's innovation to date, these issues would have been noticed and corrected before the NANO'S mass production and promotion.
apple has made some very poor business decisions about the durability, usefulness, and longevity of the NANO, which will eventually inhibit its future sales potential.
my only recourse now is to make use of my defective NANO with the utmost of care, or dispute this issue through my credit card bank informing them about my defective NANO and apple's hidden policies, restricting payment, until an amicable resolution is reached.
A Very Disappointed Apple Consumer
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