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Re: Mac vs. PC: It Boils Down to Personal Preference
Posted by: Nate Hinkel 2005-07-11 07:30:47
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In a rivalry no less impassioned than that of Coke vs. Pepsi, the computer age has triggered a decades-old debate simply termed "Mac vs. PC" that is testing the loyalties of computer owners worldwide. Generally, the two are divided by the types of operating systems they run. For instance, computers that run Microsoft Windows operating systems are considered PCs, while Apple-built Macintosh computers that use Apple's operating system fall into the Mac category.

Re: Mac vs. PC: It Boils Down to Personal Preference
Posted by: eks 2005-07-12 15:19:12 In reply to: Nate Hinkel
I am still seeing the same amount of no research being done in these kind of pieces.
Multiplan was rolled out with the original Mac in 1984 by M$. The following year they renamed the product 'Excel' and introduced 'Word' at the same time. For a few months we had MacWrite as our primary word processor. By the fall of '84' we were developing relational database applications on the original 128K Mac with tools like Omnis and Double Helix and 4D. We had a number of accounting applications available my mid 1985. Quicken appeared in 1985. Borland had several apps available.
So please don't insult my intelligence by stating that Office 98 and Office 2001 for the Mac finally allowed the Mac to do business things. We have been doing M$ office since 1985. A full ten years before Win95. Along with Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark in 1985-86. Please get it right. Quit rewriting history already!

Re: Mac vs. PC: It Boils Down to Personal Preference
Posted by: Hasdrubal 2005-07-12 07:43:34 In reply to: Nate Hinkel
With the risk of appearing to be an unreflecting partisan :-) I think saying that it basically boils down to personal preference is making it easy for oneself.
I have heard and read too many stories about lifelong PC (windows) users trying a mac and end up almost messianic about their experience and too few mac to windows converts with anyting like this reaction to really believe there is no major difference.
Of course there are users where the choice really boils down to a few small details. There will always (...) be users more comfortable with windows, as well as there will be users more comfortable with linux, BSD or what have you. But I would bet heavily that if you took a representable number of people and let them work on macs and windows machines for some time, a big majority would end up favoring the mac. The problem (if you could call it that) is that so few windows users are exposed to or allow themselves to be exposed to a mac.
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