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Re: Why Mac Users Are Beginning To Seem a Little Less Smug
Posted by: Giles Turnbull 2005-06-30 05:20:07
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There's many collective nouns for Mac users, but my favorite is "smug." Put a dozen Mac owners in a room together and the air will reek of smugness. They are users of the best computers and the best operating system in the world, and heaven help anyone who disagrees with them. Mac users have made great efforts in recent years to point out their technical superiority over Windows-using friends and colleagues. "You poor thing," the Mac user would ooze, "having to spend so much time worrying about viruses and malware. I don't have that problem, you know."

Re: Why Mac Users Are Beginning To Seem a Little Less Smug
Posted by: arminw 2005-07-01 15:29:28 In reply to: Giles Turnbull
I don't see what the importance of a processor is in any computer, as long as the thing gets the job done. Changing the size of the pistons in a Mercedes doesn't at all change the car. Changing the processor type in a computer hardware doesn't make it into another computer either. It is the SOFTWARE that makes Apple computers what they are. Why should Mac users change if the computer isn not changing in the least little bit? It will still work better than Windows, no matter what chips are in the box.

Re: Why Mac Users Are Beginning To Seem a Little Less Smug
Posted by: Hasdrubal 2005-07-01 06:25:25 In reply to: Giles Turnbull
I think the mac media have a tendency to vastly overestimate the opinions of "mac users". I would bet heavily that most doesn't even have a clue what kind of processor resides in their beloved machine. They have an at best dim idea of what the "tel" in wintel stands for, if they ever have heard the term.
That's why I don't think they care, and that's why I don't expect much of an effect on mac sales the coming year. And I think Steve knows this too.
Sure, there is a very vocal (but small) part of the mac community that both knows very well what kind of processor their machine uses and that may or may not froth at the mouth and pull their hair at the thought of an intel mac. And they may indeed be less smug nowadays. So, what should they do? Buy a windows machine?!? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face ...
Me? I'm still smug as hell!!! And I very well know what kind of processor my aging pismo has for a brain.
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