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Re: Apple's Switch to Intel Tests the Mac Faithful
Posted by: Tom Krazit 2005-06-29 07:13:31
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Apple Computer's decision to put Intel processors in its Macintosh computers provoked a wide range of emotions earlier this month among software developers, industry analysts and its famously opinionated user base. For the most part, Apple's network of developers appeared willing to give CEO Steve Jobs the benefit of the doubt when it came to the decision to move away from IBM and Freescale Semiconductor's PowerPC chips. But analysts say the decision will slow sales as users await the swap.

Re: Apple's Switch to Intel Tests the Mac Faithful
Posted by: lanklom 2005-06-29 09:40:54 In reply to: Tom Krazit
I believe Apple had to make the change... I believe it was a reluctant decision, but IBM's delay in providing a 3GHz CPU chip was an insult, especially when the announcement was made that IBM had produced a 3.2GHz chip for Microsoft's game box. I personally do not blame Apple for looking elsewhere, especially after a bad history with Motorola's 68000 and PowerPC G4 chips. It seem that if the producers primary business is not CPU chips, it appears that financial resources are reduced or eliminated for the chip part of the business. Both IBM and Motorola cut back on their chip business for Apple. IBM did not cut back for chip creation for the gaming boys.
However, I also believe this was a grand opportunity for Apple to work both sides of the street and not lose any of its loyal customers. I believe Apple can create some outstanding public competition and publicity by establishing two full and equal divisions within the company. Each division will use MacOSX operating systems, but with teams to write and tweak their own operating systems. Each division's operating system will be used on CPU's built for PowerPC chips and Intel chips.
I believe the competition within Apple and with the buying public will be outstanding. DELL, HP and others will lose market share and the computer world will be openly discussing what system to buy.
Think about it...
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