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Re: What Can Apple Do To Keep the iPod Cool?
Posted by: Ken Belson 2005-05-19 07:02:53
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So President George W. Bush listens to an iPod, it was learned recently. How uncool is that? You would think any marketer would love a little product placement with the consumer in chief. But the iPod and Apple products generally have reached near-cult status partly because they cultivate an image as the electronic toys of the anti-establishment set. If someone as mainstream as Bush has caught on to something allegedly so hip, what can Apple do to keep iPod chic and cutting-edge?

Re: What Can Apple Do To Keep the iPod Cool?
Posted by: MTM 2005-05-19 07:54:12 In reply to: Ken Belson
I am intrigued that everyone seems to think it necessary to give Apple lots of advice on the future of the iPod. I really don't know why. Have you seen Apple stumble with the iPod? Quite the opposite, if fact. From zero to total dominance in less than four years. Why are you, and others, trying to fix something that ain't broke? Apple has learned all the lessons from the past, and is powering into the future firing on all cylinders.
You say: "Apple has a daunting 75 percent of the digital music player market, dominating companies like Dell and Samsung. But these and other rivals are bound to catch up, which means Apple must continue to innovate to stay cool."
Dell cool? Dell will be cool over Michael's dead body. Dell has never and will never stand for "cool". Cool is not what Dell does. Samsung is Yet Another Japanese Manufacturer. They don't have Cool in the corporate DNA either.
Apple on the other hand has been Cool since inception. Innovative since inception. Different from inception. Why on earth are you worried that Apple will, for some mysterious reason, lose it's Cool now?
Why are Dell and Samsung etc. "bound" to catch up? The Fates? Karma? Global Warming? It's Thursday? There is absolutely no reason why Dell and Samsung, or anyone else is "bound" to catch up. Some company, some time, somewhere, I suppose, *could* catch up, but to do that, they will have to work very, very hard, and earn the title. Destiny has nothing to do with it.
I also disagree with your assessment of Sony's failure to maintain it's early lead in this venue.
You say: "...because Sony's format is harder to use than Apple's." Yes, Sony's player/software/store *is* harder to use than Apple's (as is everyone else's, which is one of the reason for Apple's success). However, the real problem is that Sony is two companies, the Electronics colossus, and the Media behemoth. The Media folks do not understand the the Electronics folks, and vice versa. The two halves of the company could not/would not come to an internal agreement on how to provide music as files rather than physical goods. So they did nothing.
This presented the perfect opportunity for one of the world's great entrepreneurs to step in. Steve Jobs achievement was convincing the Media types at Sony and elsewhere that he had the solution. He was right. 400 million times, and counting.
In summary, don't worry your pretty little head about the continuing success of iPod/iTunes/iTMS. They will be just fine without your intervention. The very best people in the world are in charge.
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