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Re: Using a Mac? Good Luck
Posted by: Chad Dickerson 2005-05-12 07:52:42
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About every six months, a particular event in my life as a working CTO forces me to step back and reconsider the Mac as an enterprise platform. Sometimes it's a discovery I make on my own as a PowerBook user, other times it's a new software release. This time, it was a simple question from a new salesperson we had just hired: Can I use a Mac here? Peering over the Cinema Display connected to my PowerBook, where I had just been typing, I said, "If you promise not to ask for support or help of any kind, sure." He quickly agreed to take a PC.

Re: Using a Mac? Good Luck
Posted by: iAcademic 2005-05-12 20:46:03 In reply to: Chad Dickerson
I have reservations about the genuine opinion expressed in this post. i believe it is a fabrication as a most Mac users are unlikey to have this opinion.
What confims it for me is the fact that this exact article has been used before, word for word, on this site. So the date of 12/5/05 is miss leading to the readers seeing it for the first time.
Either it was a genuine post the first time, or fabricated both times. But each option leaves me with a distrust for this site being a genuine news site.
If I am correct I would expect to not see this comment pop up in the responses.

Re: Using a Mac? Good Luck
Posted by: brotherStefan 2005-05-12 20:21:53 In reply to: Chad Dickerson
Reading this article again is like watching network TV. This same article ran just about a month ago -- word-for-word, if I'm not mistaken.
Move along -- nothing to see here.

Re: Using a Mac? Good Luck
Posted by: bardal 2005-05-12 09:35:54 In reply to: Chad Dickerson
To be a professional is to take responsibility for one's tools. Desktops and laptops have been around too long now. We should expect them to be dependable. If they are not, we should consider alternatives. So a Mac is good enough for the IT pro but not those he administers? Is this not a tacit admission that the wrong choice of infrastructure may have been made to begin with?
I can't imagine anyone who considers himself a profressional not wanting to have a deep understanding of the tools they use. To want to be able to contribute to up-time by being pro-active. There is some essential hypocracy here. The extent of the problem in this case, is the exact extent to which the pro relinquishes the control and autonomy over decisions that should be his own.
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If my employer requires me to return to the company's office full-time to perform my job, I will...
Agree, because I like my job regardless of where I perform my duties.
Comply, because I can't afford to lose my current job.
Go with the flow, but start looking for different employment.
Resign immediately, so I can dedicate all of my time to find a job that better suits my needs.
Try to negotiate a hybrid work from home / work in office arrangement with my employer.