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Re: Apple's New Tiger Springs into Action
Posted by: James Coates 2005-05-06 07:37:45
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The release last Friday of Mac OS 10.4, the operating system also known as Tiger, by Apple Computer should be noted ruefully by the Windows majority. It is impossible not to look longingly at the Macintosh minority because they confront far fewer pop-up ads, viruses, worms, browser hijackers and other such Windows ills. Based on rock solid Unix instead of Microsoft's vulnerable Windows, Tiger extends the Mac platform to talk to Windows networks and deflect hacker attacks.

Re: Apple's New Tiger Springs into Action
Posted by: eks 2005-05-06 07:55:27 In reply to: James Coates
Again, I repeat myself. The BSD Unix underpinnings of OS X are based upon services. Not memory addresses like Windoze and Mac Classic. With Unix there are no memory addresses that a malware writer has to have in order to send their 'critters' to do their evil. When Mac OS X or other Unix variants are installed on a box the services are placed at various locations. This happens randomly and is unique to each machine. If you can't find the address how are you going to find the house on the street in the town and the state.
Historically, Unix was developed over fifty years ago. IBM, in the sixties, did a lot of work in Unix for DARPA. The original internet that we use today. Except back then it was the government and the military that was using it. And it had to be extremely secure. Therefore services...not memory addresses. I know cause I was there for 23 years working on those projects that have filtered down into everyday computing.
This doesn't mean that Mac OS can't be attacked at the app level but again very hard to do. Especially with the stuff that Tiger now has in place that requires system admin intervention/install control.
Otherwise the article was as good as it could be based upon the usual level of lack of knowledge of the Macintosh way of doing things.
BTW, there are no viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, botware, and adware for Tiger. the wild. According to Sophos, LLP, there are 67 viruses for Mac Classic and all of them are over ten years old. Sophos currently lists 98,000 critters for all flavors of Windows.
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