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Re: CherryOS Goes Open Source
Posted by: Brad Gibson 2005-04-09 16:07:05
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Following pressure and allegations from the open-source developer community that it had stolen code from a similar product, Hawaii-based software developer Maui-X Stream has announced it will release its Cherry OS Mac OS X emulator for Windows next month as free, open-source software. In a short note on its Web site, the company confirmed rumors by saying: "Due to Overwhelming Demand Cherry Open Source Project Launches 5.1.2005."

Re: CherryOS Goes Open Source
Posted by: MACC 2005-04-12 05:16:39 In reply to: Brad Gibson
With the name of MACNEWSWORLD I would expect a
little more than world weekly news.
Falling into the hype and outright violations that
this maui company has to offer the public.
The prove is there plain and simple. CherryOS has
not only copied and recoded pearpc. But their flagship program vx30 encoder is also copied from
several different programs. Including XVID.
Want more heres more proof undenialable.

Re: CherryOS Goes Open Source
Posted by: Havin_it 2005-04-11 04:25:25 In reply to: Brad Gibson
I'd just like to point out a few glaring inaccuracies in your article.
First, you say that CherryOS "would join Virtual PC as only the second commercially available Mac emulator for Windows". Given that VirtualPC, last time I looked, was an x86 architecture emulator for Mac OS, that comparison doesn't work too well.
Also, had you considered factual accuracy in your words, you might have reasearched a little and learned that there have been _many_ Mac emulators, and even a couple of commercial ventures (SoftMac, Fusion). Oh, you meant to say the first (sorry, second was it?) commercial emulator to boot Mac OS X? Fair enough then... after all there were only 9 Mac OSes before it, and who's counting?
The last point is rather more grievous:
"In March, the company released version 1.0 of the product featuring support for CD/DVD, CPU, memory allocation, USB, FireWire, PCI, PCMCIA bus and Ethernet. It automatically detects hardware and network connections and allows for the use of virtually any OS X-ready application."
This is just an awful example of buying the hype without researching the facts. CD/DVD support is the only accurate part. CPU and memory allocation? Aren't those prerequisites of any program down to a desktop calculator? USB? Nope. FireWire? Uh-uh. PCI? Hmm, using your computer's graphics card, that's about it. PCMCIA Bus? Nada. Ethernet? Not unless you count the virtual adapter it installs.
Automatically detects hardware? I do believe it's this wee thing in the middle called Windows(TM) that does this bit. Network connections? Windows(TM).
Sorry, I didn't mean this to turn into an essay, but you exhibit stupendous gullibility and lack of journalistic methodology. You have just written an advert for a hyped product that its makers said was really great. Disappointing.
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