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Re: An Open Letter to the Head Apple
Posted by: Paul D. Lehrman 2005-04-09 05:21:34
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Dear Steve: You know that I love the computers you make. I've been using them for almost 25 years, which is the longest I've been loyal to any brand of anything, with the possible exception of my toothpaste. The first one I owned was an Apple II, which was a joy and a revelation after all the time I spent programming with punch cards on IBM mainframes. And when the Mac came out, I bought one of the first ones, with the understanding that I could henceforth forget command-line interfaces forever.

Re: An Open Letter to the Head Apple
Posted by: ireid2k 2005-04-12 07:44:44 In reply to: Paul D. Lehrman
Hi. I have many friends in the audio world who have not switched to OS X yet (Pro Tools being a major one) But it must happen eventually. lol I am in Design and my problems have mirrored yours in a way. I have had lots of problems switching our department to OS X. (fonts being a MAJOR gripe). Apple just doesnt listen to its EXISTING users (10 yrs plus) opting to woo PC users over who don;t know what Apple was about BEFORE OS X. I never had a problem with OS 7, 8, 9. In fact I LIKED seeing stuff loading up so that I had an idea of what was going on 'under the hood' so that I can troubleshoot. Now these days I need to be a major UNIX geek to be able to fix a program that (for want of a better word) disappears for no reason at all while working. lol We just replaced the old problems with newer more complicated problems with a sleek pretty GUI. :)

My luck
Posted by: mad4you 2005-04-11 13:47:00 In reply to: Paul D. Lehrman
I switched in March 2004 - and I never regret this step. I eventually had to notice that the Mac folks nowadays are split apart: First, there are these guys and girls who were Mac users from the beginning and never made it to the dark side (... Windows). But these are usually those guys who send attachments without a proper file ending (Mac share is 5%, we rule the world - who cares about 95% Windows-Users anyways?) just to mention one aspect. I don't have high impressions of those guys - sure, they kept Apple alive, they just wanted a tool to make her work done.
For me, as a windows/linux and finally Mac-user, this is the kinda tool I've always been looking for: High price tag (to let the masses out), a Terminal (a true Unix under the hood) and a nice GUI, and finally: intuitive software (who cares about 100'000 crappy Windows Apps, when there are 10'000 high quality tools out for the Mac market?).
Sure, the OS has become more difficult for longtime Apple-fans, but believe me - everything below OS 9 is voodoo magic for me. All those funky icons at the bottom when starting up, rebuilding Desktop, zapping PRAM, the way to select the printer you want and all such things made it a pain in the a** for me as a pro to work with it. Just to mention some ...
So, I like what I've got here, but surely not all do. I recommend switching back ;-)
But nonetheless - it seems Apple didn't listen to its core customers, long time loylist ones, for about 4-5 years now. How come they made it until here? This is the most funniest part of the story - to be told elsewhere?
Kind regards

OS X file names
Posted by: erick 2005-04-10 16:12:39 In reply to: Paul D. Lehrman
You're mistaken about Unix: it has no Windows-like restrictions on file names, although it's easy to get that impression since software that isn't written carefully can screw up on weird characters (recall the iTunes installer fiasco).
In OS X, you can easily have file names with slashes and question marks, just not colons and you couldn't have those in OS 9 either. (True, Unix doesn't allow slashes, but it does allow colons, and the Mac OS X Finder transparently swaps colons and slashes.)
However, there is one character that OS 9 allowed which is not allowed in OS X: the null character (ASCII 0). It's quite rare as it would take a rather advanced user just to know how to type the null character into a file name (or conceivably a program might create such an obscure file for some sort of copy protection).
Being an advanced user, I experienced errors very similar to the ones you describe when copying an old drive to OS X over AppleShare.
Now here's the interesting part: it took me many attempts to figure out that the null character was causing the problem. Why? Because the file name reported in the error message would always be a DIFFERENT one from the one that actually caused the problem. Usually it was in the same directory but alphabetically adjacent to the null-containing file name, making it seem like it was randomly failing on perfectly simple files, and after trashing them it would fail on another, But all along it was just ONE file I created myself with a null character.
I suggest you take another look at the problem with this in mind; you might find some new insight on it.

Re: An Open Letter to the Head Apple
Posted by: jweigl 2005-04-10 14:00:22 In reply to: Paul D. Lehrman
Dear Paul,
Your experience mirrors mine to such a degree that I'm looking around my studio for cameras. I also delayed the switch to OSX for several years, and so did every other musician I knew who used Macs for recording. No accident, this ((steve!), we already knew how complicated and unforgiving our Midi and audio setups could be under OS 9. Add to it that when OSX was released, despite Apples waving about of a list of Apps supporting their new OS, there were just not the Apps available to replace my OS 9 Setup.
I finally took the plunge last September, and I went through virtually each issue you had. The firewire issue bit me hard, and I lost all of a large project (I know, backup backup backup) But I'm not used to a three day old drive going south. Patch names remain a nightmare for me. There are a limited number of Synth manufacturers on the market, so It seems to me the only reason for OSX'x not being able to read the Patches in a plug and play manner from any current or recently produced synth is that no one at Appple has gone to the trouble, OR ordered someone else to go though the trouble.
I've also been using Macs for aboout 25 years, and over this time I've learned just how easily Apple can turn a deaf ear to segments of its users. Apple's acquisition of Logic et al seemed to say "commitment to pro audio" The release of Garageband,seemed to confirm the interest Apple has in music in general. At this point though Apple should make one and ONLY one thing its priority in this area. FIX THE MESS UNDER THE HOOD! If they do this they might easily dominate the computer-music world for decades to come.
Rant mode off...
John W

Re: An Open Letter to the Head Apple
Posted by: GN 2005-04-10 12:21:37 In reply to: Paul D. Lehrman
Interesting, you seem to have as many issues with OSX as I did with OS9. As for dealing with those midi patch names and xml files, try Cherrypicker. It's way easier than a text editor. By the way how old a Mac are you using to run OSX? You know, I am also an audio guy running DP 4.52 and Motu's hardware. I too experienced the firewire and flash drives not mounting issue. It turned out that the updates didn't quite work so I re-updated and everything's copacetic now. Also, my G5 sleeps just fine with Motu's hardware. I couldn't imagine going back to OS9 now. No Thanks.
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