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Re: Mac Mini Is Bait to PC Users
Posted by: Michael Himowitz 2005-03-27 07:03:03
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Over the years, I've spent many hours tinkering with the little Windows network in our home, and each time I add a PC, it gets a little easier. But the other day was a first. I opened a new computer, hooked up a keyboard, monitor and mouse, and turned it on. After a few minutes answering simple on-screen questions, I was hooked up to our wireless network, browsing the Web and sharing files with our other computers.

Re: Mac Mini Is Bait to PC Users
Posted by: farmerbob 2005-03-29 09:34:20 In reply to: Michael Himowitz
Nice little article, but things were left out. Don't let the limitations that were written about deter you. There are more options that were not discussed. Like: Bluetooth that will allow you to use the (great) Apple BT Keyboard and mouse, freeing up the need for two USB ports. Also allowing you to transfer files and information between Bluetooth equipped Cellphones, PDA's, and Cameras.
And if you shop right, you can get a fully tricked out, mostly loaded, memory at a premium (512MB), Mac Mini for less than a grand.
Take this article as a guideline, but not law. Go looking prior to leaping an you will be surprised at what you will fine.

Re: Mac Mini Is Bait to PC Users
Posted by: rdgwalker 2005-03-28 02:05:56 In reply to: Michael Himowitz
If it were not for the humping of the Mac Mini, I would have thought this article was written in 1993. The average new Dell/HP computer with Windows XP takes about 10 minutes to have up and running. Vendors have preloaded all software. Obviously, one needs to download the myraid of security updates etc. which can add some time. However, I recently did a clean install of 10.3 on my iBook, and needed to apply about 250 MB of updates. Bottom line, 10.x is an excellent operating system. However, Windows machines take no longer to setup than the average Mac.

Re: Mac Mini Is Bait to PC Users
Posted by: SRHatfield 2005-03-27 07:20:22 In reply to: Michael Himowitz
Welcome to the club, my new friend! You can write me any time you like to discuss Mac stuff or whatever.
I have a couple of hints to throw your way.
From you article:
"The downside of this diminutive-form factor is zero expandability."
This isn't really true. There is a company called "FastMac" that will upgrade your mini for a fee. You can check out FastMac's offerings here:
You can do it yourself as well:
and you can get Microsoft's Mac drivers here:
Good luck!
-Steven Hatfield
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