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Re: The Maddeningly Painful, Pathetic Apple TV Experience
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2013-12-12 09:46:04
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It's damn near 2014, and what's the most baffling computing experience we have? The Apple TV television experience. It's so disappointing. We get new so-called TV channels -- or little Applets -- that give us a kaleidoscopic glimpse into the content available from a particular broadcast network, but it's also locked down so we have to be a cable television subscriber to view it. When I saw the news about the latest batch of TV apps to make it to the Apple TV, including Watch ABC, Bloomberg and Crackle, I had a small, irrational moment of hope.

Re: The Maddeningly Painful, Pathetic Apple TV Experience
Posted by: kcandle 2014-07-28 06:10:22 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
dish tv user for about three weeks and want to use Apple tv for access to amazon prime. Dish says it's not comparable with apple tv as they are considered a competitor. ( I want to watch in certain room where one of the Hopper's is located) From reading, it looks like you have apple tv running with Dish TV and I am wondering how to do this or what my options are. Dish told me to hook Apple TV directly to the TV and run it that way. (similar to using the DVD player???) any input would be appreciated.

Re: The Maddeningly Painful, Pathetic Apple TV Experience
Posted by: chescatatum 2015-04-14 01:39:40 In reply to: kcandle
Thanks for the post. :) ABC Go offers some great shows and of course the ABC live feature. If you donít live in US, you can use UnoTelly or similar tools to access it in your country.

Re: The Maddeningly Painful, Pathetic Apple TV Experience
Posted by: Paulo38 2013-12-13 06:17:03 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Great column--highlights the definite need for the Apple team to come through as the conductor of such an orchestra!

Now, do take exception to this...

"Flickering images relate stories or news that so compelling, we're willing to be interrupted to watch unrelated commercials that attempt to manipulate us. We get it. We've been doing it for years. The only difference is the delivery mechanism (Internet plus old-school cable, satellite and over-the-air broadcasts) and the device (smartphone, tablet, PC, smart TV or set-top box)."

Nay, nay!

1) Not just the commercials manipulated us, but so did the news and the stories.

2) Who wants that on our TVs or smartphones or browsers?

It's wonderfully better to stream, say via Netflix, a subscription service and NOT have commercials. Cable now requires both; Google (and Apple for that matter) are engaged in surreptitious tracking and advertising. Those free apps, so-called free, with distracting ads are a major irritation. Worse are the free ones that then ADD ads.

In any event, you basic point is right on target--we need a system in place that lets us easily find and view content as we wish to--indeed, even using the payment model we wish to have.

Re: The Maddeningly Painful, Pathetic Apple TV Experience
Posted by: puggsly 2013-12-12 13:36:50 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I'm with you and some of the blame haas to fall on apple. Why can't they make a netflix/amazon prime like agreement? I'm not saying that is a solution, just an obvious option.

At last report there were 10 million AppleTVs out there. I don't know how many people like you and I there are but think about the under the dome example. Season pass for 13 episode season should be $15-$20. At $20. 35,000 people would have to purchase it to make what amazon paid. I don't know if it can do those numbers but I know one person that they didn't get there money from. Me. Exclusives will fragment and kill this industry.
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