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Apple has taken a step toward a more interactive shopping experience, activating iOS 7's iBeacon technology at its 254 U.S. retail outlets. It was to start providing information about in-store products and services directly to customers' iPhones, based on their location within the store, on Friday. With iBeacon running, your phone might tell you your computer is ready for collection when you near the pickup area; or you might receive information on your iPhone upgrade eligibility when you're standing next to an iPhone display.

Re: Apple's iBeacon to Follow iPhone-Toting Customers Around Stores
Posted by: josephmartins 2013-12-07 07:56:16 In reply to: Kris Holt
It's a ridiculously intrusive and annoying idea...naturally some people will love it (especially those who are themselves annoying and intrusive).

When is the last time Tirias was actually in an Apple Store? Or on a sidewalk in a major metro area? It's already like bumper cars. Too many people simply do not care about they might annoy or inconvenience others. It's all about them.

Try holding a door open for, or stepping aside to avoid a collision with, someone on his/her phone. Count how many thank you. Almost none.
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