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Re: Steve Jobs Must Have Had the Worst Best Friend Ever
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2013-08-15 07:43:15
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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison seems to think Apple is doomed now that Steve Jobs is gone. He essentially said so, publicly, to master interviewer Charlie Rose. He did it with a passively dramatic raising and lowering of his finger. My first reaction was that Ellison, who is undeniably one of the most rigorous, ruthless and successful tech CEOs on the planet, must not have really known Steve Jobs all that well. Or that Ellison was a -- let's see, I need the right word that doesn't include body parts -- self-important jerk.

Re: Steve Jobs Must Have Had the Worst Best Friend Ever
Posted by: blinux 2013-08-21 07:35:44 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Hilarious. I'm reading this thinking, yeah we all know Ellison's a monstrous ass but he's completely right on this, and trying to figure out the writer's point... which is apparently "but Jobs created a company that will somehow manage to continue making interesting products and succeed"... without a single reason to back up the writer's belief. (Pixar only succeeded because of John Lasseter; Jobs was uncharacteristically hands-off and was about to dump it until he found out Toy Story was well reviewed.)

But then I realize the writer works for "MacNewsWorld" and thinks the "legacy is the creation of today's current Apple culture and defining vision -- to elevate the product above all things, to build and create with maniacal passion." Seriously?

The maniac with the passion, unfortunately, has died, man. He always defined the "Apple culture" as being "what Steve thinks" and you damn well know it. Ellison's fourth-grader take on things is at least a valid argument. This article is just true believer grieving fanboy drivel. Maybe Apple will recover from its current creative slump, and maybe not. Meanwhile the most creative and interesting thing in technology over the last year has been a $35 dongle from Google.
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